About us

Arts Tasmania is the government agency responsible for policy and planning for arts and culture in Tasmania. It is part of the Department of State Growth.

Arts Tasmania encompasses both the departmental functions of the state arts agency and secretariat functions for the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board in its peer assessment and policy development roles.

Our vision is for a robust, diverse, vibrant arts sector in Tasmania which is valued by Tasmanians and which is nationally and internationally recognised. There is more information about our vision and its implementation in the Arts Tasmania Vision Statement.

One of Arts Tasmania's core responsibilities each year is to administer grants and loans distributed under the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board Act 1975.


arts@work is the industry development unit of Arts Tasmania. Its brief is to increase the capacity of the arts sector and the viability of a career in the arts. arts@work has a number of strategic initiatives and a range of programs to assist in increasing the capacity of the sector.