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Image credits

Passive Aggressive (installation view), 2009, James Newitt
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist

Fred Showell aka Charles Du Cane, 2009
Photograph: Sean Fennessy

Styx River
, 2008, Ollie Lawler
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist

Urban Dreamscapes
(installation view) 2009, Jonathan Partridge
Photograph: Nic Goodwolf

Midas' Apple
, 2009 Laura McCusker:
Photograph: Peter Howard

About us
Vicki West weaving a basket using the traditional twinning technique made from native plant fibre Flax lily (Dianella Tasmanica), tayenebe 2006
Photograph: Lucia Rossi

Arts funding
One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, 2008, Tasdance
Photograph: Courtesy of Tasdance

Dimple Vase, Sarah Wright
Photograph: Dean Beletich

146 ArtSpace
Experiment # 7,
2009, Lucia Usmiani
Photograph: Nic Goodwolf

About us

Floor Pods, 2010, Stuart Williams
Photograph : Bo Wong

Wheel thrown and carved Southern Ice Porcelain, Sara Wright
Photograph : Dean Beletich

Premier's Literary Prizes

Franck Boston/Shutterstock