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Textile, fibre and jewellery

Encyclopedia Tasmanicus by Tara Badcock, 2012

Encyclopedia Tasmanicus - 2012

Tara Badcock

Textile - machine embroidery leather

Bicheno Child Care Centre

Connections by Janine Morris, 2012

Connections - 2012

Janine Morris

Textile - repurposed woollen blankets, hand-stitched embroidery thread

Montello Primary School

Float in Time by Vicki West and Ralf Haertel, 2011

Float in Time - 2011

Vicki West and Ralf Haertel

Textile - willow and silk

Temporary work Launceston Laneways

Liverpool Street Procession 1 by Tara Badcock, 2007

Liverpool Street Procession 1 - 2007

Tara Badcock

Textile - hand embroidery, textiles, transfer prints, pigments

Hobart Police Station

leena ranner (detail) by Bernice Condie, Betty Grace, Jeanette, 2006

leena ranner (detail) - 2006

Bernice Condie, Betty Grace, Jeanette

Jewellery - shell necklaces

Tasmanian Fire Service - Yountown

Lanterns by Greg Leong, 2005

Lanterns - 2005

Greg Leong

Textile - handcut fused applique, silk organza and wire

Wilfred Lopes Centre

Basket with Feathers by Lennah Newson, 2004

Basket with Feathers - 2004

Lennah Newson

Fibre - river reed, emu feathers

Bagdad Primary School