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Surface treatment

Zephyr by Josh Foley, 2014

Zephyr - 2014

Josh Foley

Exterior paint

Don College

Breeze by Peter Battaglene and Fiona Tabart, 2012

Breeze - 2012

Peter Battaglene and Fiona Tabart

Surface treatment - sandblasted image on glass

Launceston General Hospital - Homan Clinic Medical Oncology Unit

Fan by Tamzen Roberts, 2012

Fan - 2012

Tamzen Roberts

Surface treatment - painted mural on wall

Elizabeth College

Untitled by Sarah Owen, 2010

Untitled - 2010

Sarah Owen

Surface treatment - vinyl on glass

Tasmanian Audit Office

Tea Tree Dance 1 and 2 by Lucia Rossi, 2007

Tea Tree Dance 1 and 2 - 2007

Lucia Rossi

Surface treatment - photo anodised aluminium

Riverside High School

Digital Whirled by Marcus Tatton, 2005

Digital Whirled - 2005

Marcus Tatton

Surface treatment - cast concrete

New Town High School

Pattern of Change (detail) by Gerhard Mausz & Kieran Bradley, 2003

Pattern of Change (detail) - 2003

Gerhard Mausz & Kieran Bradley

Surface treatment - concrete, bitumen, steel, hot tape

Claremont High School

As the line of a falling leaf is known by Troy Ruffels, 2003

As the line of a falling leaf is known - 2003

Troy Ruffels

Surface treatment - photo anodised aluminium

Reece High School

Where am I (detail) by Tara Badcock, 2003

Where am I (detail) - 2003

Tara Badcock

Surface treatment - coloured concreete, hot tape

Brighton Primary School

Morphology by Penny Smith, 2002

Morphology - 2002

Penny Smith

Surface treatment - cast concret panels

Howrah Primary School

Time Lines by Hermie Cornelisse, 2002

Time Lines - 2002

Hermie Cornelisse

Surface treatment - asphalt, pavers and hot tape

Lenah Vallery Primary School

Light in the Trees by Troy Ruffels, 2002

Light in the Trees - 2002

Troy Ruffels

Surface treatment - bronze, steel

Norwood Primary School

Image credit: Rebecca Greenwood