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Tyndall Seats by Wayne Z Hudson, 2016

Tyndall Seats - 2016

Wayne Z Hudson

Steel, vinyl and aluminium

Mountain Heights School

Landscape Furniture by Toby Muir-Wilson, 2013

Landscape Furniture - 2013

Toby Muir-Wilson

Cabinet constructed from Huon Pine, eucalypt, carved and coloured surfaces

King Island Hospital & Health Centre

The Seating Project by Hugh Nagle & Chris Shurman, 2013

The Seating Project - 2013

Hugh Nagle & Chris Shurman

Corian seats with tactile indicators

Scottsdale LINC

Regatta Bench Seats by Simon Ancher & Hugh Nagle, 2013

Regatta Bench Seats - 2013

Simon Ancher & Hugh Nagle

Five Celery top pine bench seats

Geeveston Child & Family Centre

Button Grass Seat by Stuart Williams, 2011

Button Grass Seat - 2011

Stuart Williams

Timber benches

Westbury Community Health Centre

Freshwater benches by Sally Brown, 2009

Freshwater benches - 2009

Sally Brown

Timber benches

Taroona Primary School

Big Books 1 and 2 by John Smith, Penny Smith, Julie Hunt and Sue Moss, 2007

Big Books 1 and 2 - 2007

John Smith, Penny Smith, Julie Hunt and Sue Moss

Marine plywood, craftform, acrylic, printed stainless steel, aluminum

Sorell School

Benches by Brendan Sharpe, 2007

Benches - 2007

Brendan Sharpe

Macrocarpa pine and stainless steel

Campbell Town District High School

Toy Box by Adrian Read, 2004

Toy Box - 2004

Adrian Read

Plywood, aluminium and painted fibreglass

Cambridge Primary School

Image credit: Peter Angus Robinson

Reception Counter and Display Case by Linda Fredhelm, 2003

Reception Counter and Display Case - 2003

Linda Fredhelm

Blackwood, eucalypt, MDF, plywood, brass, perspex

Montagu Bay Primary School

River Islands by Marcus Tatton, 2003

River Islands - 2003

Marcus Tatton

Celery top pine and steel

Smithton High School

Conversation Raft by Simon Ancher, 2003

Conversation Raft - 2003

Simon Ancher

Steel and aluminium

TAFE Clarence Campus

River Edge by Jane Hutchison and Dan Whiting, 2002

River Edge - 2002

Jane Hutchison and Dan Whiting


Riverside High School

Evo Lounge with Hub Table by Brodie Neill, 2002

Evo Lounge with Hub Table - 2002

Brodie Neill

Vinyl, aluminium, steel, PVC

Elizabeth College

Outdoor seating by Paccy Stronach, 2001

Outdoor seating - 2001

Paccy Stronach

Sandstone, wrought iron, timber, dry-stone wall, copper, steel

Triabunna child care centre

Image credit: Peter Angus Robinson