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2D artworks

Rhythm, Colour and Secrets by Josh Foley, 2016

Rhythm, Colour and Secrets - 2016

Josh Foley

Exterior paint on cement sheet

Latrobe Primary School

Big Bang by Tom O’Hern, 2015

Big Bang - 2015

Tom O’Hern

Acrylic and vinyl on panel

Rosny College

Dutch Masters Darwing Manual by Julie Payne, 2013

Dutch Masters Darwing Manual - 2013

Julie Payne

Pencil on Arches paper

Latrobe Oral Health Clinic

The larger circle by Jacob Leary, 2012

The larger circle - 2012

Jacob Leary

Giclee print

St Leonards Primary School

The Stack by Raymond Arnold, 2010

The Stack - 2010

Raymond Arnold

Oil on canvas

Queenstown Hub

Edd and

Edd and "Flow" Series - 2003

Jessica Ball & Jean Svoboda

Lambda print

Huon Valley Community & Health Centre

Dandelion 1 & 2 by Anne Morrison, 2002

Dandelion 1 & 2 - 2002

Anne Morrison

Oil on canvas

Scottsdale Dental Clinic

Untitled by Ruth Frost, 1986

Untitled - 1986

Ruth Frost

Silver bromide photographic collage

Blackmans Bay Primary School