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Arts Tasmania


Arts Tasmania use three, equally weighted criteria to guide the assessment of applications.

These are:

  • quality
  • planning
  • benefit

In some programs, peers will only use two criteria to assess applications. This occurs in fixed-amount rounds where a budget is not required.

What do the criteria mean?

Peers may consider a range of things under each criteria.

These might include:


Things peers may consider


  • Is the activity conceptually strong?
  • Why is the proposed activity important?
  • Are the key personnel experienced, or have the potential to develop and grow?


  • Is the project financially feasible?
  • Is the timeline reasonable and achievable?
  • What partnerships are in place to help drive the activity?


  • How does the proposed project benefit the applicant, the artist, the collection or the community?
  • What is the audience experience?

This criteria does not apply to the Arts Recovery Support Initiative.