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This program supports organisations to deliver a range of high quality arts activities that strengthen Tasmania's arts sector, engage and inspire audiences and the wider community, and benefit Tasmania's professional artists and arts workers.

Organisations (multi-year) will be offered again in mid-2021, for support from 2022 onwards.

Apply now

Applications are submitted through the online application system SmartyGrants. Applicants will need to register or log in to SmartyGrants before starting their application.

Organisations funding

Key dates

Following applicant and peer assessor feedback, the following programs will be assessed in the same funding round:

Your organisation only has to submit one application to be considered across these programs (subject to eligibility).The application form will give you room to address the objectives of each program you are applying to.

This will reduce the amount of application writing and allow for greater consistency in peer assessment across these programs. It will also improve the timeliness of notifications so that you will know the outcome of your applications earlier in the year, allowing for greater planning time.

Applicants may receive funding through more than one program.

We strongly encourage you to contact Arts Tasmania on 03 6165 6666 or once the rounds open to discuss what this change means for you.

Opens: 31 March 2020
Closes: 13 July 2020

Notification will occur within six weeks of the closing date.

For activities commencing after 1 December 2020.

Who can apply?

  • Organisations based in Tasmania.

Organisations already in receipt of support for 2021 under Arts Tasmania’s Organisations, Organisations (multi-year), Cultural Heritage Organisations or Cultural Heritage Organisations (multi-year) are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must meet Arts Tasmania’s general eligibility requirements.

What can I apply for?

Organisations can apply for funding towards projects and programs, up to 18 months in length.

Activities may include exhibitions, productions, concerts, literary magazines, publications, touring, arts activities within festivals, industry development, audience development, or community cultural development projects.

Arts Tasmania expects that arts professionals are paid fairly for their work and has developed artist remuneration guidelines for anyone employing or engaging professional artists. Organisations should include artist fees in application budgets.

You may submit up to two project applications per round, or a program application.

How much can I apply for?

There are no limits or caps in place for this program.

How will applications be assessed?

Applications will be assessed by a multi-artform peer panel against the criteria of:

  • quality
  • planning
  • benefit

For more information, please visit criteria.

How do I submit my application?

Your application must be completed online before 11:59 pm on the closing date.

Please contact Arts Tasmania before the closing date if you are unable to submit electronically.

Material received after the closing date will not be considered.

Help with your application

You can discuss your application with a member of Arts Tasmania’s grants team before the closing date.

Contact the grants team on 03 6165 6666 or

Other information

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