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Activity type

Audience development
Audience development involves retaining existing audiences or participants, attracting new audiences or participants, enhancing the appreciation and engagement of individual audience members, and integrating audience development within an organisation’s or artist’s business processes.

Capacity building
Capacity building is helping others to build ability, capability or competence, such as through training or development programs. The focus of the activity is on developing the skills of others.

A collaboration is a partnership that works together to achieve an agreed goal. It can happen between individual artists, groups and organisations.

International - inbound activity
Where international artists, arts workers or buyers are brought to Australia. 

International - outbound activity
Where Australian artists, arts workers or buyers go overseas. For example, participating in an international delegation, presenting or exhibiting work internationally, attending an international arts market.

Market development
Market development is activity that aims to develop your skills, knowledge and capacity to connect your artistic work with local, national and international buyers and audiences in a culturally, artistically and financially sustainable way.

Mentoring is a partnership between a more experienced person (the mentor) and someone less experienced (the mentoree). 

New work
This is the creation or presentation of brand new work. It doesn't include different interpretations of existing work or remounts.

Covers the publication of a work, production of a work for example by a theatre or dance company, exhibition of a work or recording of a work for example on a CD.

Professional skills development
Professional skills development covers attending classes, workshops, content development, seminars etc. The focus of the activity is on developing your own skills (as an individual or organisation). This may include artistic skills, technical skills or business skills.

Research and development
The systematic exploration and discovery of new knowledge or ways of doing things and the application of that knowledge through the invention of new products or processes.

Residencies provide artists and other creative professionals with time, space and resources to work, individually or collectively, on areas of their practice that reward heightened reflection or focus.