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Residencies 2016

The following artists have been successful in receiving funding for residencies through Arts Tasmania's International and Tasmanian Residencies program.

The program offers artists the choice of three options; an international residency through a partnership between the Alcorso Foundation and Arts Tasmania; a wilderness residency in one of nine available in Tasmanian national parks; or a cultural residency in one of eight available Tasmanian cultural and heritage sites.

Round 1 - March

The Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Fellowship

Selena de Carvalho is an emerging cross disciplinary artist who will undertake a residency with KOCHI, in the south of India. She will participate in an inter-disciplinary laboratory centred on the skills exchange between participating artists and the local community.

Tasmanian Residencies

Julia Drouhin artist and curator will spend five weeks in residence at the Kings Bridge Cottage in Launceston to develop a Musical Mall Clock to be presented at Junction Arts Festival.

Sculptural installation artist Janelle Mendham will undertake a five week residency at Hastings Caves to further develop her current work Return to Mother. Early works that emerge from the residency will be exhibited at the Moonah Arts Centre.

Nicole Gill is a writer and invasive species management specialist. Nicole will spend six weeks at Lake St Clair enabling her to focus on two projects - a children’s book relating specifically to Lake St. Clair and an examination of solastalgia, which is the pain people feel as their environment is damaged - a pain often strongly felt by people who work immersed in the natural environment.

Olivia Hickey, an emerging jeweller and designer, will undertake a six week residency at Cradle Mountain. As an accomplished outdoor adventurer she is interested in meshing her past wilderness experiences into her developing contemporary jewellery practice. Her residency will focus on the alpine and glacial landscapes around Cradle Mountain, working with a range of mediums towards an exhibition at the Sidespace Gallery in early 2017.

Round 2 - September

The Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Fellowship

Dr Julia Drouhin

In 2016, Dr Julia Drouhin received an Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency grant of $3 500 towards two residencies in Italy and France.

Dr Julia Drouin is an artist and curator who explores sociality through radioscapes, installations and collaborative performances. Her work had been presented in galleries, art centres and festivals in Europe, Brazil and Australia, as well as broadcast on FM and online radio. Dr Drouhin holds a PhD in aesthetics, sciences and technology about the art of walking and radio performances from the University of Paris. The connection between European and Australian experimental art networks is fundamental in Julia’s art practice.

The Claudio Alcorso residency will enable Dr Drouhin to undertake residencies at Phonography 2.0 in the RIU Project space curated by Italian musician and semiotician Dr Emiliano Battistini in Rimini (Italy) and at the European Network for Contemporary Audio visual Creation at Humain Trop Humain, a national dance and theatre centre in Montpellier, France.

Mathew Ward

Mathew Ward also received an Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency grant of $3 500 towards research into the Italian Futurist artist Luigi Russolo.

Mathew Ward is a Hobart based sound artist and musician with a diverse practice encompassing contemporary classical writing, experimental instrument design and construction, live improvisation, international collaboration and site specific installation. Mr Ward has a particular research focus on the history of contemporary Italian electro-acoustic music. His latest work, an album titled Noise Italia will be released in October 2016 and in 2017 he will perform his latest commission for MONA FOMA, a live soundtrack to the classic Russian silent movie Man with the Movie Camera.

The Claudio Alcorso residency will enable Mr Ward to undertake research into Luigi Russolo an Italian Futurist painter, composer, builder of experimental musical instruments and author of the manifesto The Art of Noises (1913). Matt will travel to Milan and the other major towns where Luigi Russolo lived and worked to undertake research and field recordings.

Tasmanian Residencies

Josh Foley

In 2016, Josh Foley received a cultural residenc ygrant of $2 500 to undertake a four week residency at Woolmers Estate, Longford.

Mr Josh Foley is an emerging visual artist and a graduate of the University of Tasmania in Launceston. Mr Foley has exhibited widely both as a solo artist and in group exhibitions within Tasmania and nationally. In 2015 he was a recipient of the Rosamond McCulloch Studio at the Cite Internationale Des Arts in Paris. He has also undertaken multiple artist residencies and a number of public art commissions.

During his four week residency at Woolmers Estate Josh intends to experiment with exploring the historic Woolmers site and collections as subject matter for a series of new paintings.

Ms Angela Casey

Ms Angela Casey also received a cultural residency grant of $2 500 to undertake a four week residency at the Port Arthur Historical Site.

Ms Casey is an emerging visual artist working in digital media. Angela is an active member of the Launceston arts community and her unique style had developed a strong following both locally and nationally. She has participated in a number of exhibitions state wide and been a finalist in several highly acclaimed awards including the Blake Prize 2016 and the Brisbane Art Prize 2016.

Angela will utilise the Port Arthur Historical Site’s various locations and collection as a resource for developing photographic and digital projection works towards two solo exhibitions in 2017.

Jon Smeathers

Mr Jon Smeathers received a wilderness residency grant of $5 000 towards an eight week residency at Lake St Clair.

Mr Jon Smeathers is a saxophonist, electronics and installation artist based in Hobart. Jon has performed across Australia and internationally as a solo artist and with ensembles including the Australian Art Orchestra, Splinter Orchestra, Phonetic Orchestra and Speak Percussion. He also works as a sound engineer and curates an experimental record label, Ivory Tower Records for emerging experimental sound artists.

Whilst at Lake St Clair, Jon will develop a series of scores and audio recordings in response to the natural resonant frequencies of the environment surrounding Lake St Clair. The recordings will be mastered into a full-length album incorporating journal essays, photographs and drawings resulting from the residency.