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Regional Arts Fund - Community Grants 2018 (Round 2)

The Regional Arts Panel for Tasmania recommended that ten projects be supported with funds of $74 229 in this round.

Feedback from the Regional Arts Panel

Many applications had common faults that the panel felt could be addressed.

  • Think of the panel and make the language of your application accessible – in particular avoid jargon and dense academic language.
  • A simple two line contextual overview of how an artist fits into a community or art field would be beneficial to both the applicant and the assessors.
  • Budgets. Budgets are an important part of assessing the planning and feasibility of an application, and were often poorly prepared. Applications should demonstrate how artists fees were calculated or on what basis. The value of in-kind contributions, especially from artists, should be clearly articulated.
  • Support material. CVs were often lacking and applicants often do not identify career stage. Support material was often unclear in its linkage or relevance. Annotating support material would be useful.
  • Social Media. Facebook links are not always accessible, screenshots and direct links would be more useful. Address social media milestones rather than expect panel to work them out.


The following artists and organisations received funding through the Regional Art Fund 2018 Community Grants Round 2:

Moonah Arts Centre - $9,935 towards Listening to Country

Salamanca Arts Centre - $10,000 towards Growth Rings

Mr Brad Harbeck - $5,000 towards Music Development Workshops and Young Guns Concert Series

University of Tasmania - $9,734 towards Okto-Lab: a gallery of octopus aesthetics

Ms Stephanie Finn - $4,700 towards Dancing on the Box

Inscape Tasmania - $5,000 towards Drawing on Dialysis

Van Diemen's Band - $9,860 towards Breathtaking

Ms Janelle Mendham - $5,000 towards Dark Cave

Ms Julie Waddington - , $10,000 towards MENTAL - The Mother Load. Stage Two

Second Echo Ensemble - $5,000 towards Let Me Dry Your Tears

The Regional Arts Panel

In 2018 two different panels for Tasmanian Regional Arts were convened, and met in Launceston and Hobart to assess Round 1 and Round 2 of the Community Grants.

The Panels included expert peers representing all regions of Tasmania and a cross section of community and professional arts.

The panellists for 2018 were:

  • Adam Thompson
  • Alison Wilkes
  • Cameron Hindrum
  • Colin Langridge
  • Danny Gibson
  • Denni Proctor
  • Josh Lowe
  • Kristy de Salas
  • Laura Harper
  • Louisa Gordon
  • Michelle Forbes
  • Patrick Sutczak
  • Sam Dennis

Arts Tasmania thanks the panellists for their time and effort throughout 2018.

Please note that from 1 January 2019 RANT Arts will administer the Tasmanian program of the Regional Arts Fund.