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Organisations Investment Program 2018

The Acting Minister for the Arts, Premier Will Hodgman, has announced funding of almost $2.3 million through Arts Tasmania's Organisations Investment Program 2018.

The Organisations Investment Panel met on 5 June 2017 to consider the 23 applications that had been progressed to Stage Two of assessment by the artform-specific peer assessors. Of the $2 264 603 allocated to the round, funds of $1 311 000 were already committed to multi-year funding agreements. This left funds of $953 603 available for allocation at this meeting – equating to 49 per cent of the amount requested.

Feedback from the Organisations Investment Panel

Overall, the panel was impressed by the strength of ideas presented and the improvement of applications made by recently unsuccessful applicants. The panel was pleased to see that the issues that it had highlighted for action in previous assessments were considered and addressed in recommended applications.

The panel chose to recommend applications of vision that were achievable and well-planned, with partners in place, demonstrable benefits to Tasmanian artists (including artist remuneration) and appropriate cultural competencies.

The panel discussed at length the emergence of a number of issues that present as significant problems.


Where relevant, applicants must provide evidence of appropriate consultation with relevant communities, including the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. In several applications, no evidence of consultation was provided. In others, Tasmanian Aboriginal artists were named, but no letters of support were included in the applications, or those provided were out-of-date, generic or not relevant to the project or program being applied for. In the worst cases, artists were named in applications but no consultation or discussion had taken place. Applicants must ensure proper consultation has taken place and demonstrate it clearly. If in doubt, the applicants should discuss the matter with Arts Tasmania’s Aboriginal Arts Officer.

Errors in budgets

A balanced budget is an important part of any application. The budget should clearly identify artist wages or fees, project costs and other income (confirmed or unconfirmed at time of writing). Organisations should update Arts Tasmania if budget projections or the status of other funding changes after submission of applications.


It is important that key artistic personnel named in an application are aware that they have been named, have been consulted and are still engaged in the project or organisation. Several applications named key artistic personnel without their knowledge, while other applications named key staff members who were no longer employed by the organisations.


The best applications in the round outlined strong, achievable artistic visions that reflected the mission of the organisation, and the aspirations of their communities within a framework that was achievable and managed risk. Other applications presented visions or programs that relied heavily upon extremely large increases in financial contributions in future years, without satisfactorily demonstrating how this might be achieved.


Some applications named impressive personnel and included broad outlines of interesting suites of activity. However, the panel considered that some of these applications could benefit from further planning and engagement with the local sector.

Artistic support material

Applications should include good-quality artistic support material that demonstrates the artistic quality or quality of service of the project or program. Images are best displayed in one pdf or document. Applicants should ensure that all links to online material work.


The panel advised applicants to avoid jargon and academic language and write clearly and to the point. Applicants should avoid repetition in different sections or reports in the application. Many applications could have benefited from proof reading.


Some applications were let down by the inclusion of inadequate or rushed business, marketing or disability-action plans. If organisations take the time to develop these plans properly they will enhance future funding applications.

Applications to the Partner Arts Organisations category

The panel noted that some organisations that applied to the Partner Arts Organisations category did not show enough evidence of strategies for growth or development over the funding period. Growth may not necessarily be about getting bigger but could be focused on doing things better or having a deeper engagement.

Specific feedback on applications made to the 2018 Organisations Investment Program is available by emailing Ashlee Irwin or Kate Mackie to schedule a telephone conversation.

Organisations Investment Program 2018

Community arts and cultural development

The Tasmanian Youth Orchestra Council Inc.
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$50 000 for 2018

The Tasmanian Youth Orchestra has been awarded funding for its 2018 annual program. The Tasmanian Youth Orchestra provides young Tasmanian musicians with high quality programs to support their development as instrumentalists, ensemble players and members of society.

The Unconformity Inc.
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$93 775 for 2018

In 2018 The Unconformity will run its annual artistic program, which it offers in addition to the biennial festival. With the help of funding The Unconformity will present a diverse and challenging artistic program focused on delivering site-specific work to new audiences.


DRILL Performance Company Inc.
Invested Arts Organisations – Projects
$25 000 for 2018

DRILL has been supported to create and present its next major dance work for young people, NEON. DRILL is a prime driver for the development and provision of dance engagement opportunities in Hobart, working across a range of projects with local young people.


Design Tasmania Limited
Partner Arts Organisations
$135 000 per annum (2018-2020)

Design Tasmania exhibits, promotes and provides mentoring support for Tasmanian designers and craftspeople. The organisation has been awarded multi-year Partner Arts Organisation funding for its annual program, which includes the presentation of seasonal exhibitions, design development programs, forums and talks, awards, events and workshops.


Contemporary Music Services Tasmania Inc. (Music Tasmania)
Partner Arts Organisations
$110 000 per annum (2018 & 2019)

Music Tasmania is the peak body representing Tasmania’s contemporary music sector and is part of the Australian Music Industry Network. It has been awarded multi-year Partner Arts Program investment to develop, promote and advocate for the contemporary music sector in Tasmania.

Performing arts and performing arts venues

Blue Cow Theatre Inc.
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$145 341 for 2018

Hobart theatre company Blue Cow Theatre Inc. has been awarded investment towards its annual program for 2018. The program will offer 20 acting roles for Tasmanian performers, engage four Tasmanian directors and three Tasmanian writers, and provide development opportunities for emerging and professional theatre practitioners.

Performing Lines Limited (Tasmania Performs)
Partner Arts Organisations
$200 000 per annum (2018-2021)

Performing Lines has been awarded multi-year Partner Arts Organisations funding towards its annual Tasmania Performs program. Tasmania Performs provides value to performing artists across the life-cycle of their career to enhance their professional opportunities through connection to colleagues and audiences within Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Theatre Company
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$102 785 for 2018

The Tasmanian Theatre Company has received annual funding for its 2018 artistic program. The company specialises in carefully curated text-based theatre experiences and aims to provide diverse opportunities for audiences and artists.

Visual arts and craft

Australian Ceramics Triennale Limited (Tasmanian Committee)
Invested Arts Organisations – Projects
$53 800 for 2018

Australian Ceramics Triennale has been awarded funding for the Potters: Produce project, the project will provide opportunities for Tasmanian ceramic artists to showcase their work to a national and international audience at the Australian Ceramics Triennale in 2019.

Constance ARI
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$37 902 for 2018

Constance ARI has been awarded annual program funding to create innovative, paid opportunities for emerging creative practitioners to develop and present work in a variety of settings.

Pre-existing multi-year funding agreements

The following organisations have been awarded multi-year funding in previous years and will be funded in 2018 to continue their programs of activity.

The Australian Script Centre
Partner Arts Organisations
$52 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Partner Arts Organisations
$118 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Contemporary Art Tasmania
Partner Arts Organisations
$200 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Island Magazine Inc.
Partner Arts Organisations
$100 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Sawtooth ARI Inc.
Partner Arts Organisations
$55 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Partner Arts Organisations
$89 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Partner Arts Organisations
$250 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Tasmanian Poetry Festival
Partner Arts Organisations
$7 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Terrapin Puppet Theatre Ltd.
Partner Arts Organisations
$210 000 per annum (2016 & 2017) & $140 000 per annum (2018 & 2019)

Theatre North
Partner Arts Organisations
$150 000 per annum (2016–2019)

The Theatre Royal Management Board (The Theatre Royal)
Partner Arts Organisation
$150 000 per annum (2017 & 2018)

Peer assessors

The following peer assessors participated in the first stage of assessment for the Organisations Investment Program 2018.

  • Brooke de Jong
  • Carol Whish-Wilson
  • Chris Townend
  • Dani Raymond
  • David Lloyd
  • Elizabeth Walsh
  • Ellie Ray
  • Eve Klein
  • Glenn Schultz
  • Grace Cochrane
  • Jabra Latham
  • James Newitt
  • Jessica Wells
  • Karen Knight
  • Kim Walker
  • Kitty Taylor
  • Mary Scott
  • Matthew Lamb
  • Maude Davey
  • Natalie Holtsbaum
  • Peter Bowles
  • Posie Graeme-Evans
  • Rachel Edwards
  • Robert Lewis
  • Sarah McCormack
  • Stuart Thomson

Arts Tasmania and the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board thanks the peer assessors and the Organisations Investment Panel for their contribution towards the assessment of applications to the Organisations Investment Program.