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Organisations Investment Program 2017

The Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC, has announced more than $2.3 million of grants through Arts Tasmania's Organisations Investment Program 2017.

Feedback from the Organisations Investment Panel

Members of the Organisations Investment Panel found the 2017 round of the Organisations Investment Program extremely challenging to assess. This was partly due to the high number of existing multi-year funding agreements issued in the 2016 round. Of the $2 311 581 allocated to the 2017 round, funds of $1 534 200 were already committed to multi-year funding agreements. This left funds of $777 381 available for allocation at this meeting – equating to 52 per cent of the amount requested.

Members of the panel – who were all active professional artists or arts workers – appreciated that there was a view within the sector that artists and arts organisations needed to ‘offer more for less’ to secure funding. They wished to discourage this perception. Members encouraged organisations to propose properly costed projects and programs that included appropriate remuneration for professional artists. While acknowledging the high level of stress and uncertainty many within the sector were experiencing due to recent changes to arts funding, members requested that organisations tried to ensure that future funding applications to Arts Tasmania were realistic and sustainable.

Once again, members of the panel reminded applicants to adhere to the specified limits for application support material. They emphasised that submissions that exceeded page limits or included superfluous information were difficult to assess and unlikely to score well.

Members observed that many of the budgets provided contained simple errors and suggested that this could work against applicants in highly competitive funding rounds. They encouraged applicants to double-check budgets or ask Arts Tasmania staff to review draft budgets before submission. Members also noted that, generally speaking, the artistic support material provided was of a lower standard to previous years.

Organisations Investment Program 2017

Community arts and cultural development

Kickstart Arts Incorporated
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$60 000 for 2017

Kickstart Arts is a leader in community arts and cultural development in Tasmania with strong connections to local communities. This investment will help Kickstart contribute to a vibrant culture by making contemporary art with communities from diverse backgrounds, including refugees, people with disabilities, at risk young people, elders and others.

The Unconformity Inc.
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$59 500 for 2017

The Unconformity Inc. has been awarded investment to present Momentum, a series of multi-artform works by Tasmanian artists of national repute and international experience who will be commissioned to interrogate the geography and psycho-social atmosphere of Queenstown.


Music Tasmania
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$80 000 for 2017

Music Tasmania has been awarded investment towards its annual program for 2017. Music Tasmania is the peak industry body representing Tasmania’s contemporary music community, providing strategic ongoing opportunities for artists to develop their craft and to present their work locally and nationally.

Performing arts and performing arts venues

Blue Cow Theatre Inc
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$130 000 for 2017

Hobart theatre company Blue Cow Theatre Inc. has been awarded investment towards its annual program for 2017. The company will commission and produce original Tasmanian work and provide development opportunities for emerging and professional theatre practitioners.

Mature Artists Dance Experience Inc (MADE)
Invested Arts Organisation – Projects
$45 881 for 2017

Mature Artists Dance Experience has been awarded investment towards THE FROCK, a collaboration between the company, renowned Australian choreographer Graeme Murphy and dancer Janet Vernon. THE FROCK will be a performance installation featuring an ensemble of ten mature dancers and will be presented at Ten Days on the Island in March 2017.

The Tasmanian Theatre Company
Invested Arts Organisations – Programs
$125 000

The Tasmanian Theatre Company is based in Hobart and specialises in carefully curated text-based theatre experiences. This investment will help the Tasmanian Theatre Company present its 2017 artistic program.

The Theatre Royal Management Board (The Theatre Royal)
Partner Arts Organisation
$150 000 per annum (2017 & 2018)

The Theatre Royal will receive investment to present its 2017 and 2018 seasons. The Theatre Royal's program will deliver a diverse range of high quality, contemporary performing art experiences from international, national and Tasmanian professional theatre companies and artists, for the broadest range of Tasmanian audiences and visitors to our state.


The Tasmanian Writers Centre Incorporated
Invested Arts Organisation - Programs
$120 000 for 2017 and a guarantee against loss of up to $7000

The Tasmanian Writers Centre will receive investment to deliver its annual program in 2017 to support writers practically, financially, professionally and technically. The guarantee against loss will also assist the centre deliver the 2017 Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival.

Pre-existing multi-year funding agreements

The following organisations have been awarded multi-year funding in previous years and will be funded in 2017 to continue their programs of activity.

Partner Arts Organisations
$118 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Contemporary Art Tasmania
Partner Arts Organisations
$200 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Design Tasmania
Partner Arts Organisations
$103 200 per annum (2016 & 2017)

Island Magazine Inc.
Partner Arts Organisations
$100 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Performing Lines Limited (Tasmania Performs)
Partner Arts Organisations
$200 000 per annum (2016 & 2017)

Sawtooth ARI Inc.
Partner Arts Organisations
$55 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Partner Arts Organisations
$89 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Partner Arts Organisations
$250 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Tasmanian Poetry Festival
Partner Arts Organisations
$7 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Terrapin Puppet Theatre Ltd.
Partner Arts Organisations
$210 000 per annum (2016 & 2017) & $140 000 per annum (2018 & 2019)

Theatre North
Partner Arts Organisations
$150 000 per annum (2016–2019)

The Australian Script Centre
Partner Arts Organisations
$52 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Peer assessors

The following peer assessors participated in the first stage of assessment for the 2017 Organisations Investment Program.

  • James Buick  
  • Maude Davey  
  • Christie Denman  
  • Caroline Flood  
  • Julie Hunt  
  • Karen Knight  
  • Jabra Latham  
  • David Lloyd  
  • Maeve MacGregor  
  • Milan Milojevic  
  • Dani Raymond  
  • Mary Scott  
  • Lian Tanner  
  • Chris Thompson  
  • Stuart Thomson  
  • Margy Timmermans  
  • Elizabeth Walsh  
  • Carol Whish-Wilson  
  • Paul Zika

Arts Tasmania and the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board thanks the peer assessors and the Organisations Investment Panel for their contribution towards the assessment of applications to the Organisations Investment Program.