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Individual Artists 2015

The Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC, has announced grants of $445 083 through Arts Tasmania's Individual Artists Program 2015.

Feedback from the Assessment Panel

The Individual Artists Assessment Panel noted the tremendous improvement in the overall quality of applications received to the 2015 round of the Individual Artists program, building on the already high standards of previous funding rounds. The panel commended applicants in the artforms of literature and music, as these applications were of a particularly high standard.

The outstanding quality of the applications received to the round made the assessment process particularly challenging and competitive. The cut-off point for the 2015 Individual Artists program was once again extremely high at 72.02 per cent. As a result of this high cut-off point, there were several high quality applications that the panel wished to support that missed out due to the exhaustion of available funds. The panel encouraged applicants who were not funded this year to consider applying to one of Arts Tasmania's many programs of investment again in the future.

The panel also noted that a number of applications were received from established artists towards projects with significant income potential. Panel members expressed a desire to award guarantees against loss or low-interest loans towards such projects in future rounds. The panel encouraged established artists who consistently perform well in Arts Tasmania's funding rounds to consider applying to the Australia Council for the Arts for assistance in the future.

The panel also commented on the success of the Crowbar program which was launched as a pilot program in early 2014. The Crowbar program provided another avenue via which Tasmanian artists could secure funding whilst also providing a way to gauge market interest in a project. The success of this program had seen a reduced demand on the limited funds available through the Individual Artists Program for 2015 as well as supporting artists who would ordinarily not apply to this program or who would not be eligible for grant funding through the Individual Artists Program.


The panel agreed that many of the applications received in this round were clearer and more confident in communicating the project or idea to the assessment panel. However, the panel felt there was a sense that many applicants had chosen to lodge applications relating to projects that they felt were safe or appealing to the panel. The panel encouraged applicants to pursue projects or ideas with elements of creative ambition or experimentation that may be conceptually stronger and have greater artistic and/or career development outcomes.

Panel members noted that whilst emphasis within an application should be placed on clearly and concisely communicating a strong creative idea, each component of the application itself – such as the project timeline, budget and support material – should be well considered and professionally approached.

A number of the applications received to the 2015 round contained budget or timeline issues that could have been resolved with the assistance of a program officer. The panel strongly recommends that any artist interested in lodging an application to any of Arts Tasmania's programs of investment contact the relevant program officer to discuss their project well in advance of applying. 

The panel also noted that generally the documentation of artistic support material provided across all artforms was of a lower standard than previous rounds. The panel suggested that whilst program officers could not provide advice regarding appropriate artistic support material, applicants could consult peers or mentors in their artform before submitting an application. The panel suggested that applicants should consider the relevance and quality of support material when making their selections. It also noted that any applicants providing support material via URL links must ensure that the links work correctly upon submission. It is not the responsibility of Arts Tasmania to check that links are working and Arts Tasmania staff will no longer contact applicants about incorrect or broken URL links.

Public profile

Panel members discussed at length the concept of an artist's public profile in an online world. It was noted that artists are becoming increasingly dependent on personal websites and various social media platforms as significant resources within their marketing and audience engagement strategies. The panel understood that the world of social media evolved quickly and that artists often abandoned their presence on existing platforms as new platforms emerged. The panel advised applicants to approach their public profile online in a professional manner by removing content that may not be of a professional standard as well as obsolete or out-of-date social media pages or websites.

The panel discussed the number of applications which mentioned personal social media as the sole avenue for marketing or engagement. The panel encouraged artists to undertake professional development or to work with more experienced artform peers to assist them in developing stronger and more strategic marketing plans, of which an online or social media presence should be only one component.


The following artists have received funding through Arts Tasmania's 2015 Individual Artists program.

Administration and Education

Lois Reid received $15 000 towards her project to build capacity for women in recording and mastering.


Trisha Dunn received $16 450 towards We find our feet; we keep on walking.

Esther Kruckemeyer received $6 000 towards The Love Project.

Literature and Print Media

Christina Booth received $9 650 towards the final draft and illustration dummy of The Anzac Tree.

James Boyce received $3 000 towards Imperial Mud.

Amanda Cromer received $10 240 towards Undercurrent: A Cattis Cull Mystery.

Britta Hartmann received $10 000 towards Island Connections (working title).

Karen Knight received $10 000 towards, Open Cut Mind.

Tansy Rayner Roberts received $8 500 towards Keep Calm and Kill the Chef.

Ben Walter received $12 000 towards Confessions.

Rohan Wilson received $12 000 towards Eaglehawk IDC. 


Dylan Sheridan received $10 000 towards Grave Listening.

Collaboration The Unconscious Collective received $11 456 towards the creative development for Hypnapod.


Mark Bain received $9 182 towards a collaboration between Epsom Brass and Ms Maria Grenfell.

Heath Brown received $10 600 towards Reverberation (working title).

Chase City received $15 000 towards producer fees and studio hire for the completion of the band's debut album.

The Embers received $12 925 towards the national release of the band's debut album, a tour and a publicity campaign.

Matthew Fargher received $15 150 towards Continental Drift.

Reuben Koops received $15 000 towards his second album.

Band Infernal Outcry received $7 200 towards a music video.

Jason Peppiatt received $10 400 towards Psycroptic's North American tour in 2015.

Dean Stevenson received a guarantee against loss of up to $10 000 towards the presentation of Tim Passes in Melbourne.

Tom Vincent received $13 997 towards compositions for the Tom Vincent Big Band.

Other Performing Arts

Halcyon Macleod received $13 300 towards Crawl Me Blood.

Visual Arts, Craft and Design

Raymond Arnold received $16 360 towards Landscape is a Discourse.

Karin Chan received $3 960 towards a mentorship in fabric sculpture.

Janine Combes received $5 754 towards New Horizons – a new range of contemporary Tasmanian jewellery.

Josh Foley received $9 233 towards the creation of new work for presentation at Galerie Pompom and Airspace Projects in Sydney.

David Hawley received $3 740 towards artwork documentation, catalogue writing and catalogue design for his upcoming solo exhibition at the Moonah Arts Centre.

Jason James received $10 000 towards Angry Electrons.

David Martin received $8 000 towards Field Recordings.

Marisa Molin received $7 000 towards a mentorship with Gondwana Studios and material research.

Jacob Leary received $11 065 towards Neo Worlds - Convergence Floating.

Amelia Rowe received $6 935 towards preparation for her first solo sculpture exhibition outside of Tasmania.

Dr Paula Silva, Patrick Hall and Sally Brown received $10 000 towards creative development for Beyond the Line: Myths from the Australian Frontier.

Pip Stafford received $5 486 towards the presentation of new work at BUS Projects in Melbourne and Speedy Grandma in Bangkok.

Panel Initiatives

Arts Tasmania's Artsbridge and Artsbridge Connect programs received a total allocation of $35 000 for 2015.

Arts Tasmania's Residencies program received a total allocation of $25 000 for 2015, including funds towards two Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Fellowships.

The University of Melbourne operating through the Asialink Centre received funding of $7 500 towards supporting Tasmanian artists who may be awarded residencies through the centre.