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Cultural Heritage Program 2018-19

The Minister for the Arts, the Honourable Elise Archer MP, has announced investment of more than $493 000 and 113 days of roving curator time for the Tasmanian cultural heritage sector for 2018-19.

General feedback

The Cultural Heritage Panel welcomed high quality and relevant applications for financial support and roving curator time to this round, and noted a significant increase in the number of applications.  Applications were generally well considered, but the best applications were able to clearly describe the importance of their collection to their community, clearly identify where Arts Tasmania funds were to be expended, and how support (either financial or through the roving curators) would help to secure or develop management practices for the collection. This was particularly noticeable in applications for assistance with significance assessments and interpretation plans.

In future years, applications to the Cultural Heritage Program will be made more straightforward, with simpler budgets for program and project applicants, and a dedicated Roving Curator application form.

Panel initiatives

Panel Initiative - Lynne Stacpoole Caring for your Collection Program

This funding has been allocated towards the “matching grant” available under the Lynne Stacpoole Caring for your Collection Program in 2018. Together with $1 000 of funds donated by Lynne Stacpoole, a grant of $2 000 will be available to applicants who are willing to raise $1 000 of funds through their community, for a $3 000 asset purchase.

$1 000

Program and project recipients




Burnie City Council: Burnie Regional Museum and Burnie Regional Art Gallery

Roving Curator assistance with Burnie Regional Museum and Art Gallery expansion of audience offerings project

10 days

Coal River Valley Historical Society Inc - Oak Lodge

Roving Curator assistance to catalogue and digitise collection housed in Oak Lodge, Richmond.

$1 095

10 days

Devonport City Council: Devonport Regional Gallery

2018-19 Annual program of activities for the Devonport Regional Gallery

$80 000

King Island Council: King Island Museum

A collection management project

$1 095

7 days

Narryna Heritage Museum Incorporated

Four-year funding (2018/19 – 2021/22) for Narryna Heritage Museum collection and public program at $45 000 per annum

$45 000

National Trust of Australia (Tasmania): Home Hill

Using Roving Curator assistance to develop a Significance Assessment for the Joseph and Dame Enid Lyons Collection, housed at Home Hill, Devonport

19 days

Parkham Community Inc: Parkham Community Centre

Preserving the past in Parkham: keeping our history alive!

10 days

Penguin History Group

Roving Curator support for the development of an exhibition

5 days

Scottsdale RSL Sub Branch Inc.: Scottsdale RSL Military Museum

Roving Curator guidance to develop two World War 1 exhibitions.

6 days

Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania Inc.

The conservation of a player piano

$2 000

Tasmanian Wool Centre - Ross Limited: Tasmanian Wool Museum

2018-19 annual program of the Tasmanian Wool Museum including Ongoing collection care and management and Year 2 of the implementation program of the Museum’s Interpretation Plan.

$29 800

5 days

The Trustees of the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania: St Johns Church History Committee

A collection management project & display advice.

8 days

Upper Derwent United Hall Inc.: Bushy Park Hop Museum and Local History Room

Roving curator assistance to develop museum and collections policies, and upskill volunteers at the Bushy Park Hop Museum and Local History Room.

9 days

West Coast Council: The Eric Thomas Galley Museum

Panopticon - The Eric Thomas Galley Museum Collection

$4 660

West Coast Heritage Limited: West Coast Heritage Centre

2018-19 West Coast Heritage Centre Operational Program and the development of a significance assessment

$150 000

19 days

Wynyard RSL Sub Branch Inc.: Wynyard RSL Sub Branch Inc. Museum

Roving curator time to assist with cataloguing items using the mosaic computer program

5 days

Pre-existing multi-year recipients


Burnie City Council: Burnie Regional Art Gallery and Burnie Museum

Annual Program for the Burnie Regional Art Gallery and Burnie Regional Museum (2017/18 – 2020/21)

$107 000

Maritime Museum of Tasmania Inc

Maritime Heritage Co-ordinator position and outreach activities

(2017/18 – 2020/21)

$72 000

Cultural heritage panel

Simon Spain (Chair)
Founding Director of ArtPlay and Signal, visual artist in residence and director of outreach program for The Ark, member of Playeum International Research team, Tate International Research associate, creative community specialist.

Linda Clark
Independent Curator and Conservator

Jane Deeth
Director of New Audiences for Art, writer and independent curator

Michael Smith
Conservation Project Officer – Collections, Port Arthur Historic Sites Management Authority

Brad Williams
Heritage Manager, Centre for Heritage at Oatlands