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Artsbridge 2017

Round 1 - March

Luke Reid is an early career writer/spoken word artist based in Launceston, Tasmania. He will use an Artsbridge international grant of $2 250 to travel to Banff, Canada as one of fifteen artists selected from across the work to participate in the Banff Centre Spoken Word Program.

Simone Walters is a professional modern orchestral bassoonist, contra-bassoonist and a part-time member of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. She will use an Artsbridge international grant of $1 967 to attend two specialist Baroque performance summer schools - the Oregon Bach Society's Berwick Academy in Eugene and the American Bach Soloists Festival Academy in San Francisco.

Scott Van Tuil is an early career Tasmanian designer. He will use an Artsbridge national grant of $330 to exhibit at Denfair, Melbourne.  

Mark Downie is an established, well-respected Tasmanian musician and performer. He will use an Artsbridge international grant of $7 250 to enable his band, The Dead Maggies to undertake a comprehensive music tour playing at key festivals across the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Round 2 - June

Jed Appleton is an early career Tasmanian musician. Mr Appleton will use an Artsbridge international grant of $1 648 towards an international touring opportunity supporting Stu Larsen throughout the UK, Europe and Ireland.

Wendy Edwards is an established Tasmanian visual artist. Ms Edwards will use an Artsbridge national grant of $2 282 to travel to Sydney to participate in a national exhibition, Hidden, at the Rookwood Cemetery’s 150th anniversary.

Robert Jarman is a well-established, respected Tasmanian theatre performer and director. Mr Jarman will use an Artsbridge national grant of $508 to undertake a rehearsal and performance residency for Prince Bettliegend to be presented at the Seymour Centre, Sydney.

Nathan Maynard is an emerging Tasmanian Aboriginal playwright. His inaugural play The Season was launched in 2017 and has played across Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne to great acclaim. Mr Maynard will use an Artsbridge international grant of $2 246 to undertake a Creative Development in Cork, Ireland working with renowned writers Cliff Dolliver, and Nancy Black on a new collaborative work.

William Tucker is an early career video games developer with an established writing career. Mr Tucker will use an Artsbridge international grant of $2 000 to attend, present and moderate at the “Legends: History and Mythology in Gaming” panel at the GenCon convention to be held in Indianapolis, USA.

Kathryn Woodroffe is an established visual artist based in Hobart. Her work explores experiences of growing up in the remote, north eastern township of Derby. Ms Woodroffe will use an Artsbridge national grant of $3 000 to travel to Sydney to undertake a solo exhibition at Nanda/Hobbs Gallery.

Round 3 – September

Kingborough Council serves a population of over 35 000 residents spanning the southern Tasmanian coastline from Taroona through to Woodbridge and includes Bruny Island. The council will use an Artsbridge Connect grant of $840 to bring New South Wales artist, Lorna Crane to Tasmania to conduct a four-day arts workshop, Brushology at Kingston.

Dianne Blake is a nationally renowned printmaker now residing on King Island. Ms Blake will use an Artsbridge grant of $572 towards travel costs associated for four Tasmanian Aboriginal Women artists to attend a five-day Printmaking Masterclass with master printer, Basil Hall.

Effie Pryor is an early career visual artist. Ms Pryor has been selected as a finalist in the Black Swan Portraiture Prize 2017 in Perth, W.A. She will use an Artsbridge national grant of $928 towards airfare and freight costs.

Patrick Hall is a well-established acclaimed Tasmanian artist. Mr Hall will use an Artsbridge international grant of $3 000 towards he and his partner, artist, Di Allison undertaking a Rosamund McCulloch Studio Residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Kate McCarthy is a mid-career artist and arts educator. Ms McCarthy will use an Artsbridge international grant of $1 281 to travel to Kuala Lumpur to facilitate workshops at The Heart Sanctuary, Malaysia.

Round 4 - December

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson will travel to Sydney to take part in a group exhibition at a new gallery space called Cement Fondu.

Amy Brown will travel to New York in the United States to participate in various professional development opportunities.

Angela Boxall, and her collaborator Pete Cornelius, will travel to Tamworth via King Island for showcase performances.

The Arts Factory will bring members of the musical collective Prophets to Hobart for workshops and performances.

Charles Bracewell will travel to Sydney, Melbourne and Daylesford to present his new cabaret show.

Dorothy Anne Mestitz will bring an interstate artist to Tasmania to conduct workshops as part of an upcoming exhibition at the Moonah Arts Centre.

Jorgen Doyle, and his collaborator Hannah Ekin, will travel to Jakarta, Indonesia for a residency at the Rujak Centre for Urban Studies.

Laura Purcell will travel to Paris, France for a residency at the Rosamund McCulloch Studio.

Paul Murphy will travel to Victoria to exhibit at the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, Blindside ARI and Rubicon.

Tricky Walsh will travel to Hong Kong to take part in the Art Central Art Fair.