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AiR 2015

The 2015 program saw eight Tasmanian artists placed in eight public colleges and independent schools around the state:

  • Amelia Rowe shared her sculptural practice and research methods with students at Launceston Church Grammar.
  • Andre Hemer created a body of works towards an exhibition combining digital and traditional paint media impart learnings from his visual arts practice to students at Rosny College, Hobart
  • Dean Stevenson gave music students at St Michael's Collegiate School an insight into the practice of a contemporary composer and musician.
  • Julie Gough demonstrated her professional practice to the students at Guilford Young College whilst she was preparing a range of mixed-media artworks for a number major exhibitions.
  • Mish Meijers experimented and produced new works in ceramics working  alongside the Claremont College students.
  • Peter Waller developed and built an experimental environment for the Hobart College school community to respond to.
  • Samantha Dennis shared her mixed media jewellery practice with students at Hellyer College as she created new work for an upcoming exhibition.
  • Tricky Walsh created experimental and conventional works at Newstead College and shared her conceptual and practical art-making skills with students.