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AiR 2014

The AiR 2014 program supported eight professional Tasmanian artists to take up residence in seven selected Tasmanian schools in early 2014.

Artist profiles

Alicia King at Launceston Church Grammar

Alicia is a contemporary artist working in the area of bio-art and sculpture. During her residency at Launceston Church Grammar, Alicia shared insights into the physical and conceptual elements of her practice as she worked towards an exhibition alongside the students. 

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Laura Hindmarsh at Guilford Young College

Laura is an emerging multi-media artist whose practice involves experimenting with projection, drawing and performance. Laura worked alongside students at Guilford Young College experimenting with video-based performance work, drawing from everyday images and creating a number of exhibition works that explore illusionism and the paradox of representation.

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Rosemary O’Rourke at The Hutchins School

Rosemary is a visual artist who worked in an open studio and external sites around The Hutchins School, primarily focussing on a large ephemeral drawing in a pedestrian tunnel within the school environment.

Selena De Carvalho at Claremont College

Selena is an emerging multi-media artist who used her residency to explore material for a new project and engage students with sustainable art forms and emergent technologies. 

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Serena Rosevear at St. Patrick’s College

Serena is a visual artist who works primarily with clay. Through her residency Serena explored ideas of multiples through materials sourced within the school to develop an installation work for exhibition.

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Heath Brown at Hobart College

Heath is a contemporary composer who used his residency to develop both new material and a series of semi-improvised musical pieces in collaboration with students.

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Sally Rees and Matt Warren at Burnie High School

Sally Rees and Matt Warren are both multi-media artists. Through a collaborative residency they explored the Hauntology project; an open media exploration of the two artists hometown of Burnie. This project, the snowman, is the basis for the development of new work.

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