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AiR 2012

The AiR program supported seven professional Tasmanian artists to take up residence in five selected Tasmanian schools through first term 2012.This short video features artists Kelly Drummond Cawthon and Julie Waddington with students from Kingston High School showcasing their residency.

Artists profiles

Kelly Drummond Cawthon and Julie Waddington

Established artists, Kelly Drummond Cawthon (dance) and Julie Waddington (theatre) used their residency at Kingston High School as a chance to explore working collaboratively. Bringing their contemporary dance and theatre practices together the artists offered students the opportunity to engage in physical theatre workshops and contribute to explorations of new performance work generated in response to the school site.

Lyndon Riggall

Lyndon Riggall is a young and emerging writer who worked with students at St Helens District School on imaginative ways to develop writing skills. Lyndon worked as a roving writer around the school, stimulating students and staff whilst using his experiences to develop his poetry and writing. 

Staja Hobsbawn and Christian Parr

Staja Hobsbawn and Christian Parr brought their extensive social circus skills to the students at Penguin High School. They worked across the school but predominately with Year 9 students teaching circus skills and making circus equipment. These students then taught grade 6 students at two local primary schools the circus acts they had learnt.

Alyssa Simone

Alyssa Simone is a digital media artist who uses a variety of different technologies in her artistic practice. She used her AiR residency at Claremont College to help prepare and develop an exhibition MONA. She worked with students and teachers in an open studio practice, engaging in discussions, demonstrations of her work and exhibition preparations.

Glenn Folpp

Glenn Folpp is an established digital media artist whose work investigates the relationship and the context of community, culture and personal identity. Whilst at Brooks High School, Glen worked with the students exploring ideas of significant locations through writing, audio and high-resolution video and digital photography. These short pieces will contribute towards a multi-media installation.