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AiR 2011

The AiR program supported seven professional Tasmanian artists to take up residence in five selected Tasmanian high schools and one district school through first term 2011.

This short video features artists Nick Hobbs and Freya Sant with students from Mountain Heights School, Queenstown showcasing their residency.

Youtube video

AiR artist profiles

Jason Bakes

Jason Bakes is an emerging dance artist working primarily in hip hop and popular dance. Through his residency at Brooks, Jason provided a range of workshops for students highlighted by the regular open lunchtime session for the school community.

Sonja Hindrum

Sonja Hindrum is an established textile and glass artist with a focus on incorporating new technologies into costumes and wearable art. Through her residency, Sonja was interested in working with text and incorporating the theme of communication into her work with the students at Queechy High. Her research has resulted in the development of a ‘talking skirt’.

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Nancy Mauro-Flude is an established emergent technologies artist who works primarily with electronic sculpture. Nancy offered students workshops in simple electronics and the use of emergent technologies in art and design.Whilst at Montrose Bay, Nancy worked in an open studio situation allowing students to witness the development of a work towards a public exhibition at the Tasmanian School of Art, Plimsoll Gallery.

Christian Parr

Christian Parr is a versatile circus professional, with over 15 years of experience. Christian has a particular interest in juggling and social circus. Through his residency Christian shared these skills with both the students and teachers of Burnie High through a 10-week social circus program that culminated in a final performance for the community. 

Fred Showell

Fred Showell is an emerging composer, performer and producer who has extensive experience in both song writing and recording. Fred’s residency at Devonport High focused on writing new material and working collaboratively with students to create new music based works.

Nick Hobbs and Freya Sant

Nick Hobbs and Freya Sant are a collaborative team of developing artists who work with both visual performance and movement based performance. Their joint practice encompasses drawing, performance, visual arts education and community development. Whilst at Mountain Heights School in Queenstown, Nick and Freya explored and responded to the concept of transformation with the students through local stories, media, performance and drawing.