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AiR 2010

The AiR program supported seven professional Tasmanian artists to take up residence in five selected Tasmanian high schools through first term  2010.

This short video features visual artist Andy Vagg with students from Bridgewater High School showcasing his residency.

AiR artist profiles

Joshua Lowe

Joshua Lowe is an emerging dance artist, choreographer and is Artistic Director of the Launceston based DRILL Performance Company. He has a particular interest in working with young people to produce original dance/performance work.

During his residency at Brooks High School, Joshua taught junior and senior dance classes two to three times a week. Classes offered students experiences in contemporary technique and choreography.

Joshua had two artistic mentors: Stompin Artistic Curator and choreographer, Rebecca Hilton; and dance teacher/choreographer, Emma Porteus. 

Ritchie Ares Dona

Ritchie Ares Dona is a young visual artist working with found objects and re-useable materials to create multiple three dimensional objects.

Ritchie worked with students at Ulverstone High School to create an installation in the school gallery based on a single choice of material - plastic milk bottles. Various parts of the bottles were utilised to create elements of the work. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary and familiar materials, Ritchie created puso with milk bottle strips. Puso is a weaving technique from the Philippines, traditionally made out of coconut leaves and weaved into a heart shape, then filled with rice and boiled.

Collaborating with students, Ritchie made hundreds of puso shapes for an installation at the Ulverstone High School art gallery.

Ritchie’s artistic mentor was sculptor and installation artist Dr Lucia Usmiani.

Kirsty Grierson, Melinda Mills-Hope and Melissa King

Kirsty Grierson, Melinda Mills-Hope and Melissa King are three highly experienced puppeteers who collaborate through their performance ensemble Extended Play. Individually they have worked as tutors, choreographers and actors and puppeteers within community based projects and with Terrapin Puppet Theatre.

Kirsty, Melinda and Melissa took students at Taroona High School through a creative development process that mirrored their own explorations for the performance project - A Tale of 2 Cooks. Students were encouraged to research themes and ideas, experiment with different puppetry forms and materials, workshop storylines and script ideas and develop design concepts.

Their artistic mentor was Designer and Puppeteer Jenna Hann.

Glen Murray

Glen Murray is an experienced dance artist with an extensive performance career working with many of Australia's major dance companies. Since 2005 Glen has focused on the development of a project involving mature women, Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE).

Glen worked alongside students at Ogilvie High School to create a performance piece and to offer technical tuition and insight into contemporary dance techniques. Glen also explored concept and choreographic development with students through researching the PRINCESS project - a work that he has created for the MADE project.

Glen had two artistic mentors from NSW: founder of BODYWEATHER, dancer and choreographer, Tess De Quincey and theatre performance maker, director and dramaturg, Nikki Heywood.

Andy Vagg

Andy Vagg is a visual artist whose art practice utilises post-consumer materials to build arts works, objects and installations from waste. He is the curator of Art From Trash and is the Education Officer for the Resources Work Cooperative.

Andy collaborated with students from Bridgewater High School to make artworks from materials used by students and staff at the school.

Andy's mentor was furniture designer and artist, Richard Skinner.