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Aboriginal Arts Program 2015

The Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC, has announced grants of $18 411 through Arts Tasmania's Aboriginal Arts Program 2015.

Feedback from the Assessment Panel

The Aboriginal Arts Assessment Committee noted there was evidence of better developed applications in this year's grant round. 

The committee agreed mentor opportunities for individuals to increase their application writing skills would provide a major benefit across the community.

The committee felt in general the supporting written material was good but stressed the importance for applicants to submit high quality images to better represent their work.


The following artists have received funding through Arts Tasmania's 2015 Aboriginal Arts program.

Craig Everett received $2 500 to create wayintalutja, an interpretive dance of the Cape Barren Geese.

Warren James Mason received $2 891 to create a body of work for a solo exhibition at Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre in 2015.

Nathan Maynard received $4 620 to undertake a twelve month program of professional and career development as a playwright and a two-week residency with Ilbijerri Theatre Company.

Cheryl Ransom received $3 000 to undertake a twelve month mentorship project working with Judith-Rose Thomas.

William Stackhouse received $5 400 to undertake a mentorship program working with sculptor David Hamilton.