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2018 - Tasmanian Residencies Program – Round One

The funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • Ask friends or colleagues to review a draft before making a submission. Ask that they check for simple grammatical or spelling errors, and seek feedback on the overall clarity and structure of the draft.
  • The peers encouraged applicants not to shy away from talking about lessons they learned from unsuccessful projects when discussing their practice.
  • Support material that is recent and relevant to the activity being applied for strengthens applications. Web links should be active.
  • A good support letter demonstrates an understanding of the project, any commitments made to the project, and the benefits that will flow from an activity. Generic support letters or letters supplied for another opportunity rarely do this.


The following artists and organisations received funding through Arts Tasmania’s Tasmanian Residencies program.

Alethea Coombe - $5 000 towards undertaking a residency at Rocky Cape.

Kelly Slater - $3 125 towards undertaking a residency at Rocky Cape.

Peer assessors

The following expert peers participated in the assessment for round one.

  • Samantha Dennis
  • Stephanie Eslake
  • Kate Harrison
  • Carin Mistry
  • Simon Spain

Arts Tasmania thanks the peer assessors for their contribution towards the assessment of applications.