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Support for Organisations & Support for Organisations (multi-year) 2018-19

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.

Of the $2 318 334 allocated to the round, funds of $1 606 000 were already committed to multi-year funding agreements.


Constance ARI - $49 999 towards its 2019 program.

DRILL Performance Company Inc. - $65 000 towards its 2019 program.

Junction Arts Festival - $80 000 towards the 2019 Junction Arts Festival.

Kickstart Arts Inc. – $119 999 for 2019 & $150 676 for 2020.

RANT Arts Ltd. - $55 868 towards its activities in 2019.

Second Echo Ensemble - $46 334 towards Let Me Dry Your Eyes / What Makes You Beautiful.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - $5 000 towards hosting a professional weekend in Tasmania.

Sydney Review of Books - $4 500 towards The Writing Life in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra Council Inc. - $100 000 towards its 2019 program.

The Australian Ceramics Triennale - $60 634 towards presenting exhibitions across Tasmania as part of the 2019 Australian Ceramics Triennale.

The Unconformity Inc. - $125 000 for 2019 & $125 000 for 2020.

Existing multi-year agreements

BIG hART Inc. - $118 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Contemporary Art Tasmania - $200 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Contemporary Music Services Tasmania Inc. (Music Tasmania) - $110 000 per annum (2018 & 2019)

Design Tasmania Limited - $135 000 per annum (2018-2020)

Island Magazine Inc. - $100 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Performing Lines Limited (Tasmania Performs) - $200 000 per annum (2018-2021)

Sawtooth ARI Inc. - $55 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Stompin - $89 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Tasdance - $250 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Tasmanian Poetry Festival - $7 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Terrapin Puppet Theatre Ltd. - $210 000 per annum (2016 & 2017) & $140 000 per annum (2018 & 2019)

The Australian Script Centre - $52 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Theatre North - $150 000 per annum (2016–2019)

Tasmanian Theatre Fund

Peers from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register did not recommend any theatre applications for support under these programs.

The Tasmanian Government recognises the valuable contribution that theatre organisations make to the State’s thriving cultural and creative industries, and has committed new funds of $400 000 over two years to support the sector through a special Tasmanian Theatre Fund.

Arts Tasmania will call for Expressions of Interest to the Tasmanian Theatre Fund in the coming weeks.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • It is critical for arts organisations to provide planning documents that are related to the timeframe for which they are seeking funding. Strategic and business plans provided were sometimes out of date or about to expire, and this made consideration of the forward planning difficult for peers.
  • Proper remuneration for artists is a vital aspect of any application. Applicants are directed to Arts Tasmania’s artist remuneration guidelines to assist with this.
  • For applications that are based on working with or within communities, it is important to describe any consultation that may have taken place, or outline plans for consultation. Letters of support from appropriate representatives of community are highly regarded in these instances.
  • Applicants that articulate a desire to work with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community are directed to Arts Tasmania’s online resource Respecting Cultures, and should discuss their project with Arts Tasmania’s Aboriginal Arts Officer.
  • If artists are named in an application, it is critical that they are aware that they are being named. On some occasions, artists were noted as being engaged (or confirmed) when this was not the case.
  • Letters of support are important documents that allow assessors to hear your project described in the voice of those who know the work of the organisation, including the benefits to artists and/or communities. Letters of support should be relevant to the application being submitted. They should not be form documents or reused from previous grant rounds.
  • Artistic support material should be relevant to the application and be of such a quality that peers are able to consider the artistic quality of the application. Weblinks should be active and up-to-date.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in round two (incorporating Artsbridge, the Vita Brown Bequest Bursary, the Jeju International Residency, Support for Individuals and Groups, Support for Organisations, Support for Organisations [multi-year] and low-interest loans):

  • Angela Boxall
  • Anita Ondine
  • Ben Walter
  • Carin Mistry
  • David Edgar
  • Eve Klein
  • Felicity Bott
  • Geoff Dobson
  • Kate Gordon
  • Kath Melbourne
  • Margaret Woodward
  • Matthew Lamb
  • Michelle Boyde
  • Penny Miles
  • Peter Bowles
  • Rebecca Coote
  • Robert Jarman
  • Robert Lewis
  • Sarah McCormack
  • Simon Spain
  • Sinsa Mansell
  • Stephanie Eslake
  • Toby Muir-Wilson
  • Tony Brown