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2018-19 Support for Individuals and Groups

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.


Adam Thompson – $12 119 towards professional development and a collection of short fiction.

Alethea Coombe - $2 200 towards attending a Creative Music Intensive.

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson - $12 343 towards development new work for two exhibitions.

Angela Casey - $8 250 towards a solo exhibition at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

Anna Kidd - $5 888 towards That Parking Lady.

Beatrix Vivian - $9 935 towards recording, mixing and mastering an EP of original songs.

Claire Johnston - $2 935 towards the production of a new Slag Queens album and a tour.

Damon Young - $14 135 towards Daniel Strange.

Duncan Meerding - $7 576 towards skills development.

Emma Waters - $10 945 towards Paradise Sessions.

Felicity Horsley - $12 600 towards a new creative development.

Fiona Stewart - $9 500 towards Bells and Whistles.

Gabriel Comerford - $13 684 towards the final creative development of Absence of Light.

Harry Edwards - $8 705 towards developing, arranging and recording a new album.

James Newitt - $4 750 towards the creation of new work for exhibition at The National.

Jan Hogan - $2 986 towards the creation and presentation of new work at Craft ACT.

Jane Giblin - $23 643 towards I Shed My Skin, A Furneaux Islands Story.

Julie Waddington - $17 770 towards stage two of MENTAL - the mother load.

Kelly Austin - $15 500 towards the development of new work for a solo exhibition at the Devonport Regional Gallery.

Lenny Bartulin - $14 920 towards a new novel.

Nadia Rafeai - $4 960 towards producing new work for a solo exhibition.

Paul Pritchard - $2 887 towards attending the Banff Centre Mountain and Wilderness Writing Programme in Canada.

Rachel Tribout - $10 800 towards The Adventures of Captain Blueberry - Book 3.

Rebecca Jones - $9 920 towards the final development and premiere of i don't know this body.

Rebecca Thomson - $15 500 towards mentoring a Tasmanian Indigenous woman as part of the Women on the Island series.

Ruth Quibell - $8 780 towards producing new creative work.

Samantha Dennis - $6 040 towards the development and delivery of new work.

Sara Maher - $3 128 towards Where time folds endlessly.

Shan Deng - $8 190 towards a tango music residency in Argentina and concerts in Australia.

Stephenie Cahalan - $6 600 towards preparing a new work for publication.

Tricky Walsh - $18 000 towards exhibiting new work at The National.

Feedback from the expert peers

The round was very competitive, with a large number of applications received.

The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • It is important to avoid unnecessary artform specific language or jargon when writing an application. All applications are assessed by multi-artform peer panels with many finding the applications that were academic in nature or relied heavily on artform specific language unclear.
  • Applications that clearly outlined the sequence of proposed activities through the inclusion of a project timeline were highly considered.
  • Many applications included the names of collaborators or organisations without providing any additional information or indication of their involvement in the project. Where possible, applicants should provide confirmations or a narrative relating to ongoing negotiations.
  • The Peers emphasised the importance of including a clear budget that contains appropriate artist wages and fees (whether cash or in-kind) for all project participants, including the applicant. They referred applicants to Arts Tasmania’s artist remuneration guidelines.
  • Applicants are reminded to follow the program guidelines in relation to support material, with the Peers emphasising that though artistic support material is important, quantity is not a measure of quality.
  • Letters of support should come from someone who genuinely knows you and your practice. They should demonstrate an understanding of the project and outline benefits clearly. Peers advised against using generic support letters or letters supplied for an application to another funding body, where possible.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in round two (incorporating Artsbridge, the Vita Brown Bequest Bursary, the Jeju International Residency, Support for Individuals and Groups, Support for Organisations, Support for Organisations [multi-year] and low-interest loans):

  • Angela Boxall
  • Anita Ondine
  • Ben Walter
  • Carin Mistry
  • David Edgar
  • Eve Klein
  • Felicity Bott
  • Geoff Dobson
  • Kate Gordon
  • Kath Melbourne
  • Margaret Woodward
  • Matthew Lamb
  • Michelle Boyde
  • Penny Miles
  • Peter Bowles
  • Rebecca Coote
  • Robert Jarman
  • Robert Lewis
  • Sarah McCormack
  • Simon Spain
  • Sinsa Mansell
  • Stephanie Eslake
  • Toby Muir-Wilson
  • Tony Brown