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Regional Arts Fund Community Grants 2017 (Round 2)

The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund is provided through Regional Arts Australia.


Cross Artform

Selena de Carvalho, Hobart
Beware of imposters [the secret life of flowers]
$5 000

Beware of imposters [the secret life of flowers] is a headphones based walking audio tour. This project responds to the predicament of an endling orchid, the very last of its species found in a rural cemetery in Tasmania. Rural cemeteries are often sites where endangered plants find refuge. This work will encourage empathy and contemplation for the more than human. This participatory audio experience will take audiences on a journey that translates this story.

David Patman, Lake Margaret
The Lake
$5 000

David Patman will use funding for creative development and presentation of a participatory art event at the site of the Lake Margaret power station on Tasmania's remote West Coast. The project will involve collaboration between artists David Patman, Michelle Boyde and Laura McCusker, architect Genevieve Murray and local artists and makers who will creatively re-use artefacts and features from the site.


Stompin Inc., Launceston
Mirror Mirror - Stompin's 2018 Major Show  
$5 000

Mirror Mirror will be Stompin’s 2018 major show, a new full length dance work to take place in Launceston, led by internationally renowned dance artist James Bachelor in collaboration with Stompin’s artistic director Caitlin Comerford. This work explores the very real dilemma young people are facing as they endeavour to define their identity in a world filled with increasingly warped portrayals of beauty, wellbeing and success both on and offline.


Music Tasmania (Contemporary Music Services Tasmania Inc.), Launceston
Music Tasmania Northern Lights Residency and Showcase
$9 000

Music Tasmania is partnering with Vibestown (producers of Party in the Paddock) to deliver Northern Lights - a skills development residency program targeting emerging musicians from Northern Tasmania. The project will bring together eight emerging musicians with two artists of national significance from the Party in the Paddock line-up to participate in a four-day skills development residential. The emerging artists will be invited to perform at Party in the Paddock Music Festival in February 2018.

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra Inc., Hobart
TYO Free Community Concert Series
$5 000

Funding will enable the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra to present a new series of free community concerts in 2018. The concerts will feature some of Tasmanian Youth Orchestra’s youngest musicians, and will showcase the talent being nurtured in Tasmania. These casual concerts will be family-friendly and offer people an opportunity to find out about music from the musicians themselves.


Blue Cow Theatre Inc., Hobart
Development of Pink Thylacines
$7 200

Blue Cow Theatre Inc. is developing a new verbatim theatre work, Pink Thylacines, to be produced in October 2018 to mark the 20th anniversary of the mass arrests in Salamanca Place of gay and lesbian activists. The grant funds will be used to conduct a creative development on the script.

Christopher Coleman, Hobart
Pocket Watch
$2 400

This grant will assist the creative development stage of Pocket Watch, a play conceived by Nathan Maynard, Denni Proctor and Christopher Coleman. The play will explore the ongoing complex dynamic between Indigenous and European settlers of Lutrawita (Tasmania). Through a series of intimate relationships across varying stages of colonisation up until the present day, script and song attempt to illuminate both sides of this story objectively, in particular the ownership of identity. Pocket Watch seeks to play a part in reconciliation by providing a meeting place for the oppressed and the oppressor.

Jane Longhurst, Hobart
Performance Mentoring
$4 565

Funding will assist actor Jane Longhurst to undertake an artist in residence program with acclaimed theatre company Elevator Repair Service in New York City. Jane's residency will be the beginning of the company’s next major creative development. Jane will be mentored by Elevator Repair Service’s artistic director John Collins and company members.

Julie Waddington, Hobart
MENTAL: the mother load
$3 740

This funding will enable performing arts creatives to engage artists who are mothers to explore and research the experience of mental load. Four core performing artists (Julie Wadington, Bryony Geeves, Mel King and Carrie McLean) will collaborate and lead investigation through a series of creative practice workshops and online interaction. Artist mothers from across Tasmania (and Australia) will be able to engage with the project and have creative input in a way that suits them without negatively adding to their mental load.

The Unconformity Inc., Queenstown
Thank You Ladies, and Goodbye – new work for The Unconformity 2018
$9 400

The Unconformity Inc. will present a new site-specific performance work, Thank You, Ladies, and Goodbye on the West Coast Wilderness Railway between Queenstown and Lynchford during The Unconformity Festival in 2018.

Visual Arts, Crafts and Textiles

Burnie Arts Council Inc, Burnie
Paper Secrets in Tasmania - Hanji Papermaking Weekend with Aimee Lee
$5 000

Following the 2018 wearable paper art competition, ‘paper on skin’, Burnie City Council will run the Paper Secrets in Tasmania - Hanji Papermaking Weekend. The Council will host New York-based hanji specialist and researcher, Aimee Lee, to lead a workshop focussing on Asian paper making techniques and Korean paper manipulation secrets.

Design Tasmania Limited, Launceston
Design Discoveries: Design mentoring for Tasmanian Aboriginal practitioners
$10 000

Design Discoveries will enable contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal creatives to learn and adapt design thinking and design processes to develop new models of practice.  Funding will enable the mentorship program to bring together leading Aboriginal and contemporary designers from mainland Australia to help individual participants to develop capacity to build sustainable design practices. The results of the mentorship will be exhibited at Design Tasmania in October 2018.

Devonport City Council – Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport
Arts Mentorship Program
$8 400

The Devonport Regional Gallery’s Arts Mentorship Program will provide the opportunity for a young arts worker to gain experience in project and event management, programming, marketing and administration within an active arts organisation.

Feedback from the Regional Arts Fund Panel

The Regional Arts Fund Panel were pleased to see a diverse range of applications this round, including particularly strong applications from the theatre sector. The Panel recognised that there were more applications for worthwhile projects than could be supported with the funding available.

The panel provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • Take the time to carefully review the guidelines. Many applications were let down by basic errors, such as not including required CVs, support material and confirmation letters
  • Check the dates the funding is for. Some applications were submitted for projects that started before February 2018 and were not eligible.
  • Partnership is central for applications to the RAF Major Community Grants Program. Some applications did not include an organisational partner or did not provide letters from their partners.
  • If you can articulate how the wider community can benefit from your project your application may be more competitive. For example, you may run workshops for artists or have showings for the public.
  • Payment of artist fees is crucial to any project. This should appear in the budget, either as a component of RAF funds, or covered from other sources of income.
  • All applicants speak with a Regional Arts Fund Officer before making an application to help them making their applications more competitive.


The following Regional Arts Fund Panel members assessed the applications in this round:

  • Joe Bugden
  • Helena Demczuk
  • Laura Harper
  • Colin Langridge
  • Sarah McCormack
  • Damian Quilliam
  • Patrick Sutczak

The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund is provided through Regional Arts Australia.

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