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Captives fund EP with low-interest loan

Thursday, 27 March 2014


After spending much of the past year writing material, we set sail for Melbourne to begin recording our debut EP. Just like our ancestors who came before, we spent the days that followed locked in a small room being tortured by the producer Tom Larkin and engineer Ben Ehrenberg. - Captives.

Earlier this year, Tassie band Captives decamped to Melbourne to work on their second EP with respected producer Tom Larkin. Tom is best known for his work as drummer and back-up vocals with band Shihad, and he also runs the successful Studios In The City, where the recording and production magic happens.

Band members; Aaron Damon, Mitchel Damon, Matthew Damon and Marcus Wynwood and Michael Lord, all hail from North West Tasmania but have spent much of their time lately touring nationally and building a loyal fan base and profile on the Australian rock scene. Recently they have toured with Australian band Grinspoon and played supporting slots for UK band The Sweet and local acts Magic Dirt, Calling All Cars, King Cannons, After The Fall and more.

Captives recently released their five-track, self-titled EP, which is the result of their studio incarceration. To help them finance the recording of their second EP, they secured an Arts Tasmania low interest loan of $17 373. The loan also covered costs relating to travel, recording, pressing and the engagement of a PR specialist to promote the release.

Arts Tasmania’s low interest loan program can be used for a range of projects including the purchase of items or other assets relating to your professional artistic practice.  Projects previously supported with an Arts Tasmania loan have been as diverse as: time to write a collection of poetry, expanding a business, website redesign, undertaking an international residency, a photo shoot of a designer’s work, purchase of a printmaking press and more.

Organisations and individuals can apply all year round to the loans program, and applications are assessed within 6 weeks.

Click here to find out more about Arts Tasmania’s loans program.