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Luca Brasi - Arts Tasmania Artsbridge Grant

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Tasmanian punk rock bank, Luca Brasi applied to the Artsbridge September 2014 round to assist in a live tour performing shows across mainland China in the cities of Shanghai, Wuhan and Nantong in November 2014.

Here are some insights from the band's experience.

What did this opportunity allow you to do?

The success of the Artsbridge grant allowed us to undertake a valuable international gig that grew our profile as an international touring band. We learnt a great deal about ourselves and what it takes to tour in such a different environment such as time management for band and individuals, and dealing with cultural and language barriers.

We encountered a vast array of people attending our shows from many different parts of the world. Our audience market definitely grew as a result of the tour and we feel the largest value was in the recognition of our international touring debut.

How did this opportunity come about for the band?

The opportunity for Luca Brasi to embark on this international tour arose from the successful release of our second album, 'By a Thread'. We received a lot of attention from European promoters after the release through our relationship with Poison City Records as well as social media platforms. We received offers from three different promoters from Europe and the U.K and we eventually chose to work with Klownhouse Touring.

The opportunity for the Chinese leg of the tour came from fellow Poison City label mates 'The Smith Street Band' who, after a successful Chinese tour of their own, helped set up communication with their Chinese tour promoter 'This Town Touring'.

What sort of challenges did you face?

The main challenge we had to deal with was not earning as much as we would have liked through product sales. It is expensive touring a band and the extra income from merchandise sales can add a substantial amount to a tour. The Chinese earn quite small wages so we were not selling merchandise other than those CDs produced in China for the tour.

Why was this opportunity important to you as Tasmanian Artists?

Success from this China tour we found was in how much our profile was raised through our first tour outside of Australia. It appears to have been a significant "selling point" for our band that we were willing and able to travel outside of Australia to tour.

Our market definitely grew as a result of the tour. By furthering our level of international touring, Luca Brasi has a hugely significant opportunity to break into the much larger, international music scene in our music genre; ever increasing our new audiences.

* Luca Brasi received an Artsbridge grant which supports individual artists, partnerships, collaborations and unincorporated groups working in any artform to undertake opportunities that emerge out of round. These opportunities may be interstate or overseas and should be strategically important in terms of your professional and artistic development.

Image: Luca Brasi performing on tour, image courtesy of artists.