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Arts Tasmania Wilderness Residencies

Residency opportunities for artists

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Arts Tasmania offers a number of residency opportunities for individual artists, partnerships and collaborations working in any artform to undertake residencies either overseas or at a variety of locations across Tasmania.

Why would I apply for a residency?

The timing of a residency in an artist’s development can be significant. Artists at any stage of their practice can benefit from having time and space, the opportunity to immerse themselves in and absorb different environments, cultural experiences and exchanges or focus on a specific project.

For example, in 2016 visual artist Sara Maher’s two month residency at Cradle Mountain provided her with the time to develop new work for an exhibition at Bett Gallery. “Walking out from my cabin nestled amongst towering King Billy pines and mossy Myrtle groves into glaciated mountain and  lake terrain my residency became an open creative process of memory making, a time which continues to be an invaluable source of inspiration”.

This video highlights the experiences of Sara Maher, Nicole O'Loughlin and Peter Maarseveen during wilderness residencies in Tasmania's national parks.

The Tasmanian Residencies program supports artists to undertake residencies through the Dombrovskis Parks and Wildlife residencies and Historic and Cultural residencies program.

The residencies program offers international residency opportunities through the Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency and the Asialink's Arts Residency Program.

If you are interested in applying you are strongly encouraged to contact Arts Tasmania’s Professional Development Officer, Wendy Morrow by phone on 6165 6665 or email for advice or assistance.

Applications close Wednesday, 1 March 2017