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New arts investment models forum

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

New_models_web_imageThe Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TAAB) held a forum on 8 October 2013 with artists and arts organisations from around the state at the Dechaineux Theatre at the School of Art in Hobart.

The forum heard the Board’s proposal for new arts investment models. The proposed new models are based on research, discussion and sector engagement by the Board over the past two years. The Board also released a directions paper for public comment and is seeking further sector involvement with written feedback on this paper.


The full report can be downloaded here:

Additional information regarding specific programs:

More on public value

At the 8 October forum on new models of arts investment, participants asked for more information about public value. As mentioned, Arts Tasmania has been inspired by the work of Professor Mark Moore at Harvard, the Arts Council of England and the Department of Culture and the Arts in Western Australia in particular. There are a lot of resources and discussion available – here are some links to some that are relevant to this discussion.