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The Saxons playing the Junc Room as part of Music Tasmania's Junction Arts Festival Showcase.

Investing in Tasmanian cultural production

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Tasmanian Government has announced funding of more than $2.3 million to support Tasmanian arts organisations for 2017 and beyond through Arts Tasmania’s Organisations Investment Program.

Eight new organisations will receive investment in 2017 to develop and deliver arts activities for audiences across the state and provide valuable professional development opportunities for Tasmanian artists. This is in addition to 12 organisations already funded through multi-year agreements.

Organisations receiving new investment through the Organisations Investment Program include:

  • Mature Artists Dance Experience has been awarded investment towards THE FROCK, a collaboration between the company, renowned Australian choreographer Graeme Murphy and dancer Janet Vernon. THE FROCK will be a performance installation featuring an ensemble of ten mature dancers and will be presented at Ten Days on the Island in March 2017.
  • Music Tasmania has been awarded investment towards its annual program for 2017. Music Tasmania is the peak industry body representing Tasmania’s contemporary music community, providing strategic ongoing opportunities for artists to develop their craft and to present their work locally and nationally.
  • The Unconformity Inc. has been awarded investment to present Momentum, a series multi-artform works by Tasmanian artists of national repute and international experience who will be commissioned to interrogate the geography and psychosocial atmosphere of Queenstown.

For a full list of successful applicants, please visit

For further information on the Organisations Investment Program, please visit

Image credit: The Saxons playing the Junc Room as part of Music Tasmania's Junction Arts Festival Showcase.