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Crowbar crowdfunding incentive program launched

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Arts Tasmania today announced a pilot crowdfunding incentive program, Crowbar, designed to support professional arts projects and stimulate the demand side of the market for Tasmanian work. The program will be presented in partnership with Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible.

Crowbar participants will be eligible to receive an additional matched investment of up to 50 per cent of their crowdfunding target, capped at $2 000, if their campaign is a success and meets the Crowbar conditions.

Crowbar can be used to do things that might not normally be eligible for Arts Tasmania funding like CD pressing, book printing and putting on awards.

Crowbar participants will benefit from one-on-one campaign development support, additional promotional opportunities offered by Arts Tasmania and by having their projects presented in the Arts Tasmania Collection on Pozible.

Crowbar applications will be accepted anytime between 5 February and 30 October 2014, giving eligible artist and arts organisation the opportunity to get money for their projects when they need it.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding encourages people to invest small amounts of money in your project to help you achieve a larger financial goal.

Crowdfunding also provides an exciting opportunity to test whether there is a market for an idea or work, grow audience and extend a support base by talking directly to switched-on consumers, fans and like-minded strangers.

Why Pozible?

Pozible has been selected by Arts Tasmania as the preferred investment platform as it is based in Australia, has a strong following with 210 000 subscribers, and focuses on supporting creative projects including writing, music, performance, visual art and design.

Pozible pledges have been received from 104 different countries and counting! In total, more than $18 million has been pledged through Pozible for over 4 500 projects, making it one of the three biggest crowdfunding platforms worldwide.

Participants in the Crowbar program will receive one-on-one coaching sessions with Pozible staff to make sure their campaigns are as successful as possible.

To find out more about Pozible and how crowdfunding works, visit

How can I support Tasmanian artists and organisations through Crowbar?

Crowbar aims to encourage local, national and international arts enthusiasts to jump in and support Tasmania’s contemporary arts projects.

Once applications are approved for the Crowbar program campaigns can commence at any time. They will be listed in the Arts Tasmania Collection on Pozible and will be featured in Arts Tasmania’s fortnightly newsletter and via social media.

Visit the collections page and support Tasmania projects via 

For more information please visit:

To be eligible for Crowbar, you must contact Arts Tasmania prior to creating or launching your crowdfunding campaign with Pozible.