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Riverside Primary School

The Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme Commission

Artwork Sculptural wall based elements for display opportunities
Project number 059886
Artwork budget $33 750 + GST (if applicable)
Location Riverside Primary School

Applications are sought from contemporary artists to create sculptural wall based element/s for display opportunities. This artwork is to be located in a prominent position on an internal corridor wall, close to the Reception entrance of the school. This sculptural element, or series of elements, will provide a visually striking feature to this wall space and will also have a functional element in being used to display items relating to the visual arts curriculum and arts activities in the school, primarily those of a three dimensional nature.


Submissions and enquiries

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Applications are made using our online application form. Click on the link below to start a new application.

Public art - application form

If you have any questions about this commission please contact Melissa Smith (03) 6777 2789 or

Online applications close 11:59 pm, Sunday 4 March 2018