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The Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme Commission


Part A – Sculpture element and/or screen feature for private hospital courtyard
Part B – wall based sculptural element and/or design for Palliative Care private courtyard

Project number                         058518
Artwork budget                         Part A - $45 000 + GST; Part B - $27 000 + GST
Location                         St Helens District Hospital

St Helens District Hospital plansApplications are sought from contemporary artists to create artworks that will enhance and complement two internal courtyards in the new St Helens District Hospital.

There are two courtyard areas as part of the designed building. General ward rooms and a patient lounge face one area while the other is adjacent to the Palliative Care area. In Part A of the commission, the hospital is seeking artists to design a sculptural element/s and/or screen feature for the formal garden courtyard. As there are no distant views from the general ward beds overlooking this courtyard, the aim is to create a point of interest within the space that will enhance the view for patients and staff.

For Part B of the commission the hospital would like the artwork/s to create a visual interest point for the wall of the private courtyard area adjacent to the Palliative Care rooms. The landscaping for this courtyard aims to create a reflective and peaceful space for the patients and their families using the rooms off the courtyard.


Submissions and enquiries

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If you have any questions about this commission please contact Catherine Wolfhagen (03) 6777 2791 or

Online applications close 11:59 pm, Sunday 25 June 2017