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Public art

Arts Tasmania manages public art commissions for the state government through the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme and assists clients in the private, community, local and federal government sectors to develop and manage public art or design commissions specific to their needs through the Corporate Art Scheme.

Commissions currently open for application

What is the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme?

The Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme is the state government's public art program. Since its launch in 1979, the Scheme has managed over 440 commissions creating more than 1 250 artworks located across the state, resulting in a contemporary state public art collection that includes work from a wide  range of disciplines.

The Scheme is a major source of government investment in the visual arts in Tasmania. This investment also flows through to the wider community, not only in the social, educational and health outcomes known to derive from public art, but to local suppliers as artists procure services and materials for  the creation of artworks.

How does the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme work?

The Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme is managed by Arts Tasmania and is open to professional, contemporary Tasmanian artists. Click here to find out details of how the Scheme works.

Commissions currently under way

You can find a list of active commissions, the artists who are creating the work and a description of the artwork projects on the commissions currently under way page.

Stay informed

Sign up here for the monthly public art newsletter which contains details of advertised commissions, works in progress, completed commissions and tips and hints for artists. You can also sign up for the fortnightly newsbyte which also advertises current commissions as well as a range  of funding, employment and development opportunities for artists. Updates and reminders are posted on the Arts Tasmania Facebook page so like us on Facebook to receive regular updates in your newsfeed.

To see previous copies of the public art newsletter, click here.


The following documents are provided to assist you in the development and management of a public art commission: