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New models of arts investment

UPDATE at 18 December 2015

In 2015, Arts Tasmania piloted two programs as part of its new models of investment – the Organisations Investment Program and the Artist Investment Program. This involved the development of new processes and procedures, new online forms and a revision of Arts Tasmania's website.

Arts Tasmania designed the new models of investment to reduce the burden of the application process, strengthen the focus on artistic quality and support arts organisations and artists in the most effective way with the resources available.

Review of new models

Throughout 2015, Arts Tasmania has surveyed applicants who applied to the pilot programs, peer assessors and panel members who were involved in assessment. In October 2015 the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TAAB) reviewed the feedback and survey results.

Whilst much of the feedback was positive, the survey responses identified the following areas in which the pilot programs could be improved.

Timeframe between application and notification

The TAAB acknowledged that the introduction of an Expression of Interest in 2015 had lengthened the time from application to notification. However, a number or survey responses showed continued support for artform-specific assessment by peers. To maintain artform-specific assessment, whilst shortening the overall process, the TAAB has recommended a return to a single application process for both the Organisations Investment Program and the Artist Investment Program.

Each application (containing, at a minimum, project/program proposal, budget, project/business plan and artistic support material) will undergo a two-stage assessment:

  1. assessment by artform specific peers against the criterion of quality and then, if an application progresses to the second-stage,
  2. assessment by a multi-artform panel against the criteria of quality and reach.

This will see a reduction in the time from application to notification by approximately two months.

Arts Tasmania has also revised the online application forms for both the Organisations Investment Program and Artist Investment Program to minimise the amount of work required of applicants.

Applicants will no longer be required to submit written confirmations of venues and key artistic personnel with applications, but may be required to show proof of confirmation on request at any stage of the application process.

Assessment guidelines specific to service based organisations

The TAAB has also recommended amendments to the assessment guidelines for the Organisations Investment Program to ensure that the important role service based organisations play in the Tasmanian arts community is appropriately recognised.

Organisations will now have the opportunity to choose to have their application assessed against artistic quality or quality of service.

Organisations Investment Program

The Organisations Investment Program is now open for applications relating to projects and programs commencing in 2017.

Categories of investment

There are three categories of investment:

  1. Invested Arts Organisations - Projects - for organisations seeking investment towards up to two projects per round.
    Organisations can apply for up to $80 000. This is the maximum amount whether you are applying for one project or for two.
  2. Invested Arts Organisations - Programs - for organisations seeking investment towards an annual program.
    Organisations can apply for a maximum investment of 60 per cent of their total cash income budget for their first funded application under this program and 55 per cent for all subsequent applications.
  3. Partner Arts Organisations - for organisations seeking multi-year investment.
    Organisations can apply for a maximum investment of 49 per cent of their total cash income budget under this category.

Application process

Each application to the Organisations Investment Program will be made as a single online submission.

Applications must include:

  • a completed application form that outlines the proposed project or program
  • a budget
  • a project or business plan
  • artistic support material
  • identified KPIs (Partner Arts Organisations only)

If your organisation is seeking investment of $50 000 or more, your application must include a copy of your organisation's most recent audited financial reports.

Applications must be submitted online.

Visit the Organisations Investment Program page for more information on application requirements.

Assessment process

The Organisations Investment Program features a two-stage assessment process.

The first stage of assessment will be undertaken by four artform-specific peers drawn from Arts Tasmania's peer register. These peers will include where practicable:

In the case of multi-artform or cross-artform applications, the peers will be selected to ensure appropriate artform representation.

If an application proceeds to the second stage of assessment, it will be assessed by the multi-artform Organisations Investment Panel.

Visit the Peer Register page  for more information.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed against the criteria of:

  • quality - for example strength of artistic concept, creativity, rigour, capacity; and
  • reach - not just audience numbers but factors such as engagement, connection and development

Organisations can choose to have their application assessed against artistic quality or quality of service.

The emphasis of evaluation will be on quality. Reach will be assessed at a lower weighting than quality and artistic quality will continue to remain the key driver for the TAAB.

Arts Tasmania has introduced revised assessment guidelines for service organisations. When lodging an application, organisations must nominate which assessment guidelines should be applied to their application.

Visit the Partner Arts Organisation, Invested Arts Organisations - Projects or Invested Arts Organisations - Programs page for more details of the assessment criteria and guidelines.

Key dates

Opens: 18 December 2015
Closes: 24 March 2016
First stage notification: May 2016
Second stage notification: August 2016

Visit the Organisations Investment Program page for more information.

Artist Investment Program

Key dates

Opens: 2 May 2016
Closes: 30 June 2016
First stage notification: August 2016
Second stage notification: October 2016

Further information about the Artist Investment Program will be available in February 2016.


The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TAAB) has been exploring new arts investment models, based on research, discussion and sector engagement undertaken by the TAAB and Arts Tasmania over the past few years.

In October 2013 the TAAB released a directions paper and held a sector forum inviting feedback from artists and organisations. In June 2014 artists were invited to participate in a survey about the proposed Artist Investment Program.

The findings of both the feedback and the survey were taken into account by the TAAB in providing advice to the Minister for the Arts on changes to Arts Tasmania's programs of investment.

Arts Tasmania piloted the new Organisations Investment Program and Artist Investment Program in 2015. Following the closing dates for both programs, the TAAB reviewed them and recommended improvements to the Minister for the Arts, for implementation in 2016.

Past Investment Recipients

Visit the past decisions page to view a list of projects and programs funded in 2016.