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Information for grant recipients

If your application is successful you will receive a hardcopy notification pack from Arts Tasmania in the post. Please ensure that you keep Arts Tasmania up to date if your postal address changes whilst waiting for notification.

The notification pack includes the following documents:

  • A letter from the Minister for the Arts
  • A letter from the Director of Arts Tasmania
  • A grant deed for you to sign
  • An electronic funds transfer (EFT) form for you to complete

Checking your deed

Please read your deed as it contains information relating to the Conditions of Grant and details any special conditions that may apply to our investment in your project or program.

Please check the conditions carefully as failure to meet the conditions contained within could preclude payment of future grants or even require repayment of grant monies.

Once you have checked your deed, please confirm acceptance of our investment in your project or program by signing and dating the deed and returning it to Arts Tasmania. Please include your completed EFT form and an invoice for payment.

Your signed deed and other required documentation should be returned to Arts Tasmania within 21 days of receipt. If we do not receive the signed deed within this time, the offer will lapse without further notice. If you believe you will have difficulties in returning the deed within 21 days please contact Arts Tasmania on 03 6165 6666 as soon as possible.

We suggest that you retain a copy of the deed for your records.

Special conditions

Special conditions need to be met before the first instalment of your grant can be paid. If any special conditions apply to your grant, they will be listed on the schedule of the deed. Special conditions could include, for example, a request for more information or a revised version of your program and/or budget.

If you have special conditions you need to meet before your grant can be paid, you can provide this information to Arts Tasmania when you return the signed copy of your deed.

If you would like to discuss a special condition that has been placed on your grant, please contact a program officer on 03 6165 6666.

Conditions of Grant

Payment of any grant is dependent on your acceptance of the formal Conditions of Grant that are contained in the deed that you are required to sign prior to receiving your grant.

Amongst other things, these conditions relate to how the funds can be spent and how they need to be accounted for, acquittal requirements, variation approvals and acknowledgement requirements.

In summary, in signing the grant deed you undertake to:

  • apply the funds to the purpose approved
  • identify the grant separately in your financial statements
  • provide a detailed evaluation, and statistical and financial acquittal reports on the funded project or program within three months of its completion or the end of the grant period (see acquitting your grant) noting that financial reports may be subject to detailed inspection under the Financial Management and Audit Act 1990
  • provide Arts Tasmania, in writing, with any information requested relating to the project/program funded
  • seek approval from Arts Tasmania for material changes in the budget or program before implementing them (see changing your plan or budget)
  • prominently acknowledge the financial investment from Arts Tasmania for the project/program. This acknowledgment should appear in reports, media releases, posters, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, catalogues and other material
  • provide Arts Tasmania with comprehensive details and adequate advance notice (at least two weeks) of events related to the funded program or project
  • observe any special conditions included in the assessment of the application
  • acknowledge that acceptance of the grant does not commit Arts Tasmania to future funding
  • give access to the Auditor-General for Tasmania or their nominee to all financial statements and records relating to the use and expenditure of the grant upon reasonable notice in writing first being given
  • complete the project/program within the time frame as stated in the application and as agreed to by Arts Tasmania

and in the case of organistions:

  • warrant that the organisation is financially solvent. The onus is on applicants to satisfy Arts Tasmania of their financial viability to meet the contractual obligations. An applicant should not proceed with an application if they are unable to provide acceptable evidence of their organisation’s financial viability.

Payment of your grant

Payment of the first instalment of your grant via electronic funds transfer (EFT) will occur after all your completed paperwork has been processed by Arts Tasmania and all special conditions have been met.

This paperwork includes:

If your grant is under the Artsbridge program you will be paid 100 per cent of the total investment.

If your grant is under $50 000 you will be paid in two instalments comprising 90 per cent and 10 per cent of the total investment. The second instalment will be paid upon receipt of an invoice and satisfactory acquittal report.

If your grant is over $50 000 you will be paid in three instalments comprising 80 per cent, 10 per cent and 10 per cent of the total investment amount. The second instalment will be paid upon receipt of satisfactory mid-year financial statements and an invoice; and the third will be paid upon receipt of a satisfactory acquittal report and an invoice.

Processing of payments may take several weeks and it is important that you or your organisation is able to cash flow these payments.

Please note: If your application is successful but you are offered an amount that is different to the amount you requested, you may be asked to provide a revised plan and/or budget that will be need to be submitted to Arts Tasmania prior to the first instalment.

For information on how to set out an invoice or tax invoice please visit the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website.

Taxation and GST

Grants approved by Arts Tasmania may be assessable as taxable income and may need to be included in your income tax return. Arts Tasmania strongly advises that you consult a financial advisor or the Australian Taxation Office if you are unsure whether your grant is assessable as income.

Withholding tax

The Australian Tax Office requires Arts Tasmania to deduct withholding tax from grant payments at the rate of 49 per cent, unless you provide us with your Australian Business Number (ABN) before each payment is made. We suggest that you apply to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for an ABN before applying to Arts Tasmania’s programs of investment. If you have applied for an ABN and can provide written evidence from the Australian Tax Office that it has refused your application on the basis that you are not carrying on an enterprise, then we will not be required to deduct withholding tax. There are a number of other circumstances under which we are not required to deduct withholding tax. These are set out on the ATO’s website. If you believe that your situation falls under one of those circumstances, you should obtain a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ form from the ATO, complete it and include it with your invoice.


Grants paid to artists or organisations that are registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) are subject to GST. However, GST will not apply to your grant where you are not registered nor required to be registered for GST.

If you are registered for GST:

Please send us a tax invoice for the relevant amount, plus GST. It will then be your responsibility to account to the Australian Taxation Office for an amount equal to 1/11th of the funds received.

If you are registered for GST the figures in your budget should be GST exclusive.

If you are not registered for GST:

Please send us an invoice for the exact amount set out in the payment schedule in the deed. The figures you use in your budget should all be GST inclusive.

For further information, contact your financial adviser or tax agent or contact the Australian Tax Office’s Business Info line on 13 28 66 or visit the Australian Tax Office’s website at

Promoting your funded activities

Wherever possible, please publicise any events associated with your grant, to highlight your own project and raise the profile of the arts and moveable cultural heritage within Tasmania generally.

Artists’ media kit

Arts Tasmania has prepared a comprehensive Artist’s media kit for you to use. The kit provides lots of tips and useful information on how to get free publicity. A copy of the kit can be downloaded from:

Media releases

Please send a copy of your media release to:


You are required to use the Tasmanian State Government logo on all your promotional material, preceded by the words “Supported by”.

The logo can be downloaded from:

Written credits should include the phrase: “This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts”.

Notification of events

Arts Tasmania would like the opportunity to send representatives to events associated with a funded project. Invitations to events should be forwarded to Arts Tasmania by mail or email, with plenty of notice, specifying the staff or members you wish to invite.

Changing your plan or budget

We understand that circumstances can change and that you might need to vary your project, program or budget. You must always discuss a planned change with a program officer before it occurs as you may be required to seek formal variation approval. You should not proceed with a planned change until you have received written confirmation from Arts Tasmania.

Reasonable operational variations, such as ordinary increases in costs from the planning stage, may not require a formal variation approval. In cases where changes are not material they can be approved by a program officer immediately.

Arts Tasmania will not approve variations retrospectively. If you provide a variation in your acquittal that has not been approved, Arts Tasmania will require you to return relevant funds.

Arts Tasmania reserves the right not to accept an acquittal where activities and outcomes significantly differ from the original application and no variation has been formally approved. In such cases you may not be eligible to receive your final 10 per cent payment and you may be required to return the funded amount to Arts Tasmania.

Acquitting your grant

If you receive, or have received a grant under any program, you will be required to complete an acquittal report within three months of the project or program’s completion. The artistic program and budget provided in your application (or in your revised program and budget) forms the basis against which to make your acquittal.

Arts Tasmania will accept acquittal reports that have been formatted for federal funding bodies, provided they include all necessary information. If you are a Four Year Funded Organisation of the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Tasmania will acquit your grant via the Australia Council's online reporting system. This means you only have to submit one acquittal report through the Australia Council's online system. There may be some specific statistical information required by Arts Tasmania and if so a program officer will be in touch after you complete your acquittal.

You should also submit an invoice for the final 10 per cent of your grant amount, which will be payable upon acceptance of the acquittal report.

If you have an overdue or incomplete acquittal you will not be able to apply for further investment from Arts Tasmania.

You can download the current acquittal form and budget template from

Your acquittal will include:

A financial report - a statement of exactly how you spent the grant. This should relate directly to your original budget.

  • For grants of $50 000 or less an unaudited financial statement of income and expenditure is sufficient, unless audited statements are expressly required as a Condition of Grant.
  • For grants of $50 000 or more, an audited financial statement of income and expenditure is required.

An evaluation report explaining what you actually did in your project or program and how successful it was.

A statistical report that details the number of public events, attendances, employment and other indicators.

Please email your completed acquittal to

Contact us

If you have any further questions about your grant, please contact an Arts Tasmania program officer.