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Organisations or individuals applying for investment related to publishing and distribution are required to complete the publishing application form.

Art Tasmania will invest in costs related to the publishing of:

  • theatrical works
  • literary fiction
  • literary non-fiction
  • poetry and graphic novels
  • pamphlets covering the content and/or the interpretation of a small museum or collection.

Catalogues that are for promotional purposes (e.g. exhibition catalogues) may be considered; however applicants should consult a program officer before submitting an application for this purpose.

Arts Tasmania will not invest will in the publishing of:

  • educational books (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • university theses
  • newsletters
  • dictionaries and encyclopaedias
  • bibliographies
  • books which are primarily collections of interviews
  • instruction manuals
  • gardening and cooking books
  • personal growth, lifestyle and hobby books
  • guidebooks
  • specialist books focusing on topics such as philosophy, theology, psychology, medicine, law, the physical and natural sciences
  • catalogues that are primarily for archival, indexing and documentation purposes.

Publishers may apply to Arts Tasmania for project funding towards activities that directly benefit Tasmanian writers. Publishers will need to demonstrate that these activities provide Tasmanian writers with profile, development, income or other opportunities to further their careers. Arts Tasmania grants cannot be used to fund book printing costs, but printing costs can be supporter by Arts Tasmania's low-interest loans.

Publishing application form

For use in applications that involve publishing and distribution.

Publishing application form - PDF 20 KB
Publishing application form - Word docx 27 KB