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Works on paper by Mauricio Alejandro Arias


Artist statement

Imaginary evocation to origin.

Atomika began in 2001 as a series of original ink illustrations with a strikingly metaphysical sensory experience of its own. The atom would become my pen and my compositions my organised information that gave rise to Atomika’s own universe and graphic style.

Over 400 imaginary pieces have evolved since then combining mixed media techniques from original pure pencil work, black pen ink drawings, photography, collage, watercolour and digital effects.  The extensive series became precise material, which I strongly believe have a future, not only as a solid book but also as an animated short film project.

Here are only a few plates showing a glimpse of this geometric visual adventure and mutual alchemy.

“Come down into the waters with me.”

Oceans of inspirations and search in subjects such as: etheric otherworld’s / soundwaves / the other side / cellular automaton /alter-identities / random patterns / labyrinth / symmetries / Atlantis / Egyptian hermetica / mythology/ Quabbalah / Sonics /glauku tekhne and the art of the blue man / mandalas / frequency / sacred geometry / perpetual spiral / symbolism / earth womb / concentric circles / angels / vitreous crystalline / tribal art / stereoscopic vision / spherical liquid / crystals / ultra-fields / geometric morphology / plasma pulse / shells  /resonance fields / vibration / harmonics / generators / turbines / quantum / electricity / electrons / atoms / aquous flux / the eye / the ear/ hyper-consciousness / kaleidoscopes / fractal geometry / the circle / op-art / kinetic art / psychedelic art / ultrasonics / hidden wisdom …

Image: Fabletron - Mauricio Alejandro Arias
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist