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Figure in the Ground

Sculpture, painting and prints by Maria Macdermott, Sara Maher and Michael Schiltz

Artist statement

Figure in the Ground presents an examination of the figure and the landscape in the practice of three multi-media artists. These artists acknowledge that their sculpture/painting and printmaking practices are grounded in and informed by the figure and its place and participation in nature. They also acknowledge that at different times and to varying degrees their work diverges into more abstract terms where the presence of the figure is absent as a motif, but present by virtue of association with the lived body, such as through the referencing of bones, veins and pulsations.

In the work of these artists there can be seen a mirroring between human facets with aspects of the landscape. The artists also seek empathy in their processes with aspects of the natural world and our fluctuating place within it. The exhibition demonstrates shared and diverging approaches to a central preoccupation in the works – the figure and the landscape.