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in/out/in/between - Christl Berg and Irene Briant  

13 September- 4 October 2012

“One can be at piece in a corner, or can be cornered there”

Secret, un-noticed little places abound in and around buildings - waiting to be discovered. The outside world of everyday city street activity beckons to be newly experienced. This exhibition/installation represents an exploration of possibilities inherent in a concentrated study of a particular place.

A collaborative exhibition, in/out/in/between by Christl Berg and Irene Briant, explores the gallery space in a site-specific manner.
Working collaboratively is a new experience for both artists. It means not only testing individual but having them sieved through the reasoning and sensibilities of the other artist.

Christl’s contribution takes the form of a series of 2D photographic images inspired by the space and its relationship to the outside streetscape.
Whereas, Irene investigates the crevices and creases in the building fabric to produce a series small scale cast sculptures.