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Upbeat - Alan Young  

12 October 2012 - 12 November 2012


Upbeat - Alan Young.jpgAlan Young is an exciting Tasmanian artist who has developed his practice over a number of years. He has created a large body of work that has launched him onto the national stage with a recent successful exhibition at the Ray Hughes Gallery in Sydney as well as winning the Bay of Fires Art Prize earlier this year.


Alan has been successful in receiving funding through the Arts Tasmania Arts and Disability Fund and was also a resident of 146 ArtStudios in 2012.

Upbeat is fantastic opportunity to view his latest work.

Artist Statement


My paintings are grounded in what I perceive through everyday experiences and observations. I am particularly interested in the relationships between people and place and how these intersect with notions around mapping. Sometimes, I capture moments and sometimes I tell stories.

This body of work has a particularly positive and personal focus. My paintings are a response to situations I have encountered in the last year. There is also a focus on characters, specific people who are my friends either personally or professionally. Technically, it has been a challenging body of work to produce, as it includes several larger size paintings.  Accordingly, I have had to rethink decisions about form, line, text and colour.

Alan Young