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Paul Snell
5 December 2011 - 7 January 2012



Afterglow showcases the creative potential of digital image making in this series of non-representational digital prints.

In Paul's first solo exhibition he investigates the transformation of photographic modes of production and explores the possibilities of abstraction in new media.


The work uses vibrant colour, repetitive formal structures and is brazenly self-referential in nature. The images are hypnotic and are intended to make you pause for a moment in meditative reflection.


In our fast-paced society we are inundated with images, noise and movement. Paul’s work seeks to provide catharsis from this visual saturation. "The daily satiation is replaced by selective sensitation, the sharpening of individual senses."


Paul says that the intention behind this body of work "is to create a simple visual experience utilising the basic elements of line, colour, surface and light. The reductive nature of this work examines and brings into question the image as self-referential object."


His work investigates the transformation of photographic modes of production and examines the possibilities of abstraction and minimalism in new media.


Paul's current work is rooted equally in the language of abstract painting and the temporal nature of the moving image. By rhythmically repeating, pairing, overlapping, reversing and sequencing and through the investigations of specific colour relationships he seeks a sensory understanding of the physical object.


Paul Snell currently lives and works in Launceston where he is undertaking his Masters of Contemporary Art at the Academy of the Arts in Launceston.


Image: Pulse - 201103 - Paul Snell
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist